Watch Dmitry Klokov Climb a Giant Sand Dune with a 60kg Barbell on His Back

Retired Russian weightlifter Dmitry Klokov spent a decade as one of the world’s top Olympic lifters, and his resume includes a World Championship, European Championship, and Olympic silver medal (Beijing, 2008). But while he retired from international weightlifting in 2015, Klokov is hardly done with strength sports — he’s dabbled in strongman, competed in GRID for the Baltimore Anthem, and hosts an annual “Power Weekend” featuring displays from some of the world’s strongest athletes. (The Power Weekend only features male athletes for now, but we’re hoping to see that change in future iterations.)

Klokov also produces a TON of video content, whether it’s individual lifts or unique conditioning workouts. However, it’s his most recent conditioning feat that has us the most impressed (and scared for what he’s got in store next).

The man (and a buddy) took some barbells and plates out to the middle of the dessert and climbed a giant sand dune with 60kg/132 pounds on their backs. (Okay, Klokov’s partner did less weight — we would, too.)

While a shortened video is blowing up on Facebook, Klokov posted the full damn climb to his YouTube account. Check out the full thing below, which takes just over 11 minutes for Klokov to summit.

The climb took place in Dubai, where Klokov was visiting on a recent stop as he travels the globe giving seminars, meeting fellow lifters, and generally having what appears to be a grand old time. No word on if the dune climb was planned ahead of time or spur of the moment, but we like to think the big Russian simply saw a tall peak and thought, “I’d like to do some lifting at the top.”

Now if anyone knows how to get sand out of barbell collars, we hear Klokov is fielding advice.