Watch the Weightlifting World Masters Championships for Free

The IWF Master’s World Championships are going on right now in Heinsheim, Germany. While the competition started on Friday, September 30th, there’s still plenty of weightlifting that runs through October 8th. With over 900 athletes entered this year — from age 35, where weightlifting Masters categories begin, to much older than that — it’s a reminder that weightlifting truly is for everyone, regardless of age.

And thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, the entire competition is being streamed live from this year’s Facebook page here. It’s a single-camera setup without a lot of bells and whistles and not-perfect lighting, but if you’re looking to watch some lifting this week, it’s certainly work tuning in.

The most up-to-date start list we can find is listed here, and results are here.

Fun tidbit: You might recognize some of the names competing. One is 4-time CrossFit Games athlete Shana Alverson, who recently turned 40 and lifts in the 63kg weight class. Alverson already lifted in Germany and came away with an impressive haul: Her first Masters World Championship, Best Female Lifter overall in the women’s 40 classes, and a new world record clean & jerk of 97kg. Check out a clip of Alverson’s performance below:

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Featured image: @shana_a on Instagram

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