Weightlifter CJ Cummings Snatches 143kg for New American Record

Seventeen year old 69kg American weightlifter CJ Cummings put on a strong performance at the 2018 Arnold Classic, where he took place in USAW’s Pan Am Trials session. He was able to extend his current Senior American snatch record by 2kg.

Cummings opened his snatch attempts with an easy 137kg make, then followed with a 142kg second attempt make. This 142kg snatch broke his current 141kg Senior, Junior, and Youth American snatch records by 1kg.

Check out the 142kg second attempt snatch below shared by USA Weightlifting on Instagram.

After nailing his 142kg second attempt and breaking the American record, Cummings wasn’t finished and wanted more, so he increased the weight for his third attempt by 1kg.

For his third attempt, Cummings called for 143kg on the bar and walked out with confidence after already breaking his current American record. He smoked the lift with what looked like relative ease to extend the record by 2kg on the day. Check it out below.


To conclude the day, Cummings ended up going 4/6 and finished with a 319kg total. He hit his first 176kg clean & jerk attempt, but unfortunately was only able to capitalize on this lift in the clean & jerks.

The hype was real leading up to this event for Cummings. We wrote about Cummings about two weeks ago when Rogue Fitness featured him in their 2018 “Road to the Arnold” video series. If you haven’t seen it, we’d suggest checking it out, even though he’s already competed.

Even though Cummings went 4/6 on the day, this meet could be considered a strong comeback for this young weightlifter. At the 2017 IWF World Championships, Cummings nailed the 141kg Senior American Record, but was unable to complete a successful clean & jerk and ended up not totaling.

Feature image screenshot from @usa_weightlifting Instagram page.