Weightlifter Kianoush Rostami Announces Move to 96kg Weight Class

Iranian weightlifter Kianoush Rostami recently made an Instagram post that disclosed which weight class he’ll be making the move to for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualification. Before the new weight class announcement that came in early July, Rostami was a dominant force in the previously used -85kg weight class. In the -85kg weight class, Rostami won gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and owns two world records, which include a 220kg clean & jerk and 396kg total.

After the weight class announcement, weightlifters at all levels of competitions had to assess their current state and make the best call possible for their future successes. Some weight classes have been a little easier for athletes to transition to than others, and one of the tougher weight classes to adjust to has been the men’s -85kg weight class.

In respects to the new weight classes, there are now 81kg, 89kg, and 96kg weight classes recognized by the IWF, but only the 81kg and 96kg categories will be Olympic classes. That’s a pretty large jump for an -85kg lifter in either direction, which is what leads us to the topic of this article.

Rostami is currently getting ready to compete at the 2018 Asian Games and recently made an Instagram posting highlighting what class he’ll now be moving towards. We’ve included the text from his latest Instagram post below, which was loosely translated through the Instagram app,

“My Dear Countrymen, I wanted to explain to you about my team and this tournament after announcing new ozan weightlifting from the world federation specified that the category has been removed 85kg and I actually have to choose between categories 81 and 96. Well, according to my condition, I had to pick up 96kg, and I’m about three months ago, and I’ve moved on to this category of weight, and considering I’m the main target of the Tokyo Olympics, I have to be patient. 

A professional for Olympic Gold, then I take my plans, so don’t expect the gold medal in this tournament, and make sure you see the real Kianoush at the 2020 Olympics, which is why I have a surprise for you, and I’m glad which it’s which a very good condition, and he weights by me, Sohrab Moradi, the Olympic Champion and all proud of him.”

From what we can tell, Rostami will be moving to the -96kg weight class and his long-term sights on the success for this weight category. It’s worth noting that fellow Iranian lifter Sohrab Moradi (-94kg Rio gold medalist) will more than likely also be competing in the -96kg weight class come the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Feature image from @kianoush_rostami Instagram page.