Weightlifters Getting Gymnasty: Nathan Damron’s One-Legged Back Flip

Nathan Damron has had a busy couple of months. The 20 year old weightlifter out of Mash Elite Performance in North Carolina has officially moved up to the 94kg weight class after bouncing back and forth between 85kg over the past couple of years. With the additional bodyweight, he’s been blasting through old PRs, including a 156kg snatch, 200kg clean & jerk, and 306kg back squat at Mash’s recent “Barbell Picnic.”

He also seems to be enjoying himself between training sessions, and the additional bodyweight hasn’t stopped him from getting ridiculously explosive. Check out his one-legged (one-footed?) back flip at over 210 pounds bodyweight.

Color us impressed, because this takes some serious hops (and, let’s be honest, some serious guts).

Featured image: @nathandamron94 on Instagram