Wes Kitts Hits a 220kg Clean in Training, Closes in on American Record

Less than two weeks after the last update, we’re putting together another article covering 105kg weightlifter Wes Kitts’ impressive lifts.

On June 27th, we reported on Kitts’ new snatch and total personal records, which happened to surpass American records as well. Today, Kitts continues to prove that he’s one of the top athletes to watch at this year’s Pan Ams being held in Miami, Florida, July 22-28th.

Yesterday, California Strength shared a video (featured below) of Kitts cleaning 220kg with what looks like relative ease.

There wasn’t a jerk to complete the 220kg lift, but Kitts continues to prove he’s moving closer to catching all of the American records in his weight class. His speed under the bar was crazy, so a 220kg+ clean & jerk may be in the somewhat near future for this strong American weightlifter.

What will Kitts’ attempts look like at the Pan Ams in two weeks? California Strength gave some prediction into what we can expect, plus a little foreshadowing into a possible World Championships performance later this year.

In the video’s comments section Zach E. said, “My Pan Am prediction, Snatch: 167, 173, 180. C&J: 205, 213, 220.”

California Strength replied with, “That’s pretty spot on for a potential progression at Worlds. Pan Ams will probably look more like S: 163, 170, 175. CJ: 200, 208, 216 (Last couple of CJs will obviously be strategic decisions) I like where your heads at though!!!”

Kitts currently holds the Senior American Snatch record at 174kg. Wes Barnett holds the Senior American Clean & Jerk record with 220kg and Total at 390kg. As mentioned above, Kitts recently pushed both the snatch and total record in training by hitting a 175kg snatch and 391kg total (video below). 

Could Kitts end up claiming all of the American records by the end of this year? Time will tell, but judging from California Strength’s recent training videos, it definitely doesn’t seem unrealistic.

Judging from California Strength’s comment above, if Kitts’ attempt went as planned at Worlds, he would be tying the clean & jerk record, and pushing his snatch record further. Obviously, if both of those fell into place, then Kitts could find himself with the total record as well.

Feature image screenshot from @cal_strength Instagram page.