#WiggleMeOff Is the Next Big Thing in Silly Gym Games

We’re not sure EXACTLY where it started or WHO came up with such an idea, but get ready, because #wigglemeoff is about to be the stupid new gym game your friends are constantly playing. Basically, two people sit on opposite ends of a loaded barbell (they need to be able to sit, so larger rubber plates work best) and attempt to “wiggle” the other person off like some sort of CrossFitting lumberjack competing in the log run.

Yep, it’s as weird as it sounds:

We want to emphasize this is still a new trend, one that popped up first on photographer Shaun Cleary‘s Instagram when Brooke Wells and Jared Stevens were visiting Active Life Athletics in Long Island. The two human stacks of abs attempt to roll each other off a loaded barbell — after a lifting session? between sets? it’s unclear — though no clear winner is crowned.

Caution: #wigglemeoff currently only has six hashtagged post on Instagram, most of which are reposts, but it’s about to have a lot more because your gym friends are weird and they’ll ask you to play this with them. A reminder: You really don’t HAVE to.

2014 CrossFit Games athlete Will Moorad appeared in another (fast forwarded, thankfully) version and emerges victorious. It looks like a solid strategy is to get your opponent shifted sideways, perpendicular to the bar? We honestly don’t really know.

4/4 King of the barbell with @willmoorad #liftinglibrary #wigglemeoff #bearingbar @brookewellss

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Again, you don’t HAVE to play #wigglemeoff when your annoying friend with seventeen pairs of knee sleeves and the “hottest” Nanos/Metcons/NoBulls/whatever inevitably challenges you after or during a lifting session. But you will be challenged, and you will have to make a decision: Is your loaded barbell for lifting, or wiggling?

Make the right call.