Powerlifter Yangsu Ren Beltless Deadlifts 745lbs for a Massive Triple

Yangsu Ren just pulled 5 lbs over his current raw American record, for three reps!

Powerlifter Yangsu Ren (-83kg), aka “Deadlift Panda”, just casually deadlifted 745lbs/337.93kg for a triple.

To understand just how impressive this is, in 2017 Ren set the American raw deadlift record in the -83kg weight class with a 749.5lbs pull. He deadlifted 749.5lbs at USAPL 2017 Raw Nationals, so this easy three-rep belt-less pull is just 4.5 lbs under his single deadlift and the current American raw deadlift record.

To add even more context to this lift’s impressiveness, the official IPF classic deadlift world record was recently set by Sweden’s Erik Karlsson. Karlsson deadlifted 719.8lbs/326.5kg this year at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Sweden, so Ren is pulling 25lbs over the official raw deadlift world record for a triple!

Check out Ren’s deadlift triple below. He wrote, Top triple of 745lb beltless deads.


For visual comparison of how much Ren has progressed over the last two years, check out his 749.5lb American record set at the 2017 USPAL Raw National Championships below.

It’s safe to say Ren could be considered deadlift technician.


The last time Ren formally competed was at the 2018 USAPL Raw Nationals meet. At this competition, he finished in seventh place after missing his final 733 lb deadlift, and concluded the competition with successful 716.5 lb pull.

So now the question remains, will Ren break the national record the next time he competes? We’d say it’s likely, after all, at a deadlift-only event in 2018, The Arnold Bodybuilding.com Pro Deadlift, Ren pulled 766.1lbs for a single, so he’s clearly capable of moving well over his American record.

Ren hasn’t publicly disclosed when he’ll be competing next in the near future, but we’re eager to see him take the platform again. The -83kg weight class is no joke, but from the looks of Ren’s training he’s right on pace to set a new national record.

Featured image from @deadlift_panda Instagram page.