Trey Mitchell Wins 2021 Texas’ Strongest Man Contest

The number one spot was a back and forth battle between two WSM alumni.

There’s a lot of strong people in Texas. Bodybuilders Branch Warren, Steve Kuclo, and eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman are from the Lone Star State. More recently, there has been a boom in the sport of strongman. On Saturday, April 3, 2021, Pasadena, TX, hosted the inaugural Texas’ Strongest Man contest, and the event didn’t disappoint. Notably, it featured up-and-coming strongmen Trey Mitchell and Gabriel Peña — two Texans who both competed in the 2020 World’s Strongest Man competition

Four-time World’s Strongest Man competitor Josh Thigpen was the promoter of the contest. Four competitors faced off in five events to determine who the strongest man in Texas would be. The event was held at the Pasadena Convention Center.


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2021 Texas’ Strongest Man Contest Events

Here’s a quick rundown of the five events featured. They include:

  • Keg Toss Series
  • 330-Pound Log Press for Reps
  • Hand-Over-Hand Truck Pull
  • Silverado Deadlift
  • Atlas Stone Series

2021 Texas’ Strongest Man Contest Results

In total, four strongmen stepped up to compete at the first-ever Texas’ Strongest Man competition. Here’s how everyone ranked. 

Winner – Trey Mitchell

It would be fitting that the man known as “Big Tex” would take the title. That’s exactly what the 2018 America’s Strongest Man was able to do at this contest. It was a hard-fought victory, however, that came down between him and Peña. During the final event, which saw each competitor load five stones from 320 to 430 pounds for time, Peña made one minor mistake by placing a stone down incorrectly.

Mitchell’s speed and consistency during that event (really, every event) clinched the title for him. Mitchell’s focus now will be on the 2021 World’s Strongest Man Contest in Sacramento, California, from June 15-20.

Second Place – Gabriel Pena

Peña may have narrowly missed the top spot, but his performance was pretty impressive. According to his Instagram, the Texas Titan won the Keg Toss Series by tossing all seven kegs over the bar without a miss in a time of 17 seconds. He also tied for first place on the Silverado Deadlift (as in the truck) by completing 17 reps. His deadlift feat is no surprise. He’s pulled 1,000 pounds on a deadlift bar, hit five reps on the Trap Bar Deadlift with 1,005 pounds, and smashed a 1,060-pound 18-inch axle deadlift. He finished in second place in the other three events.


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Third Place – Brett Vaughn

Vaughn managed to complete seven reps on the Silverado deadlift and completed the Arm Over Arm Pull with a moving truck in less than 45 seconds. He placed third at this competition, but he revealed on Instagram that he has only been training in the sport for around eight months. This was his first time competing against guys the level of Mitchell and Peña, but it likely won’t be the last.

Fourth Place – Matt Gray

The 34-year-old appeared to be in the mix after the first two events but suffered pulled his calf muscle during the Arm Over Arm Pull. Nonetheless, he finished the contest by pulling three reps on the deadlift and got the first two stones in the final event.

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