Lucy Underdown Wins 2022 Arnold UK Pro Strongwoman Open Contest

Underdown paced the field, eclipsing the second and third-place finishers by 14 points.

British strongwoman Lucy Underdown is your 2022 Arnold UK Pro Strongwoman Open champion. Underdown put on a dominant performance en route to taking the top podium position in Birmingham, England, on the weekend of Sept. 23-24, 2022. Katie Smith and Naomi Hadley finished tied on points to fill out the rest of the podium. Donna Moore won the U82 kilogram division; Chloe Brennan won the U73 kilogram division, and Rhianon Lovelace took gold at 64 kilograms.

Keep reading for complete results and event recaps in the Open division.

2022 Arnold UK Pro Strongwoman Open Results

  1. Lucy Underdown — 36 points
  2. Katie Smith — 21 points
  3. Naomi Hadley — 21 points
  4. Aneta Brzáková  — 18 points
  5. Emma-Jane Smith  — Six points
  6. Mel Smith  — Three points

Below is a breakdown of each individual event’s results.


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Deadlift for Reps

Five of the six strongwomen’s events were the same as the male athletes, though the strongwomen used different weights. Nonetheless, the strongwomen still had to deadlift 225 kilograms (496 pounds) for as many reps as possible within the time limit. Underdown cranked 10 reps to take the first event win of the weekend. Smith finished with three reps while Hadley managed two. 

  1. Lucy Underdown  — 10 reps
  2. Katie Smith  — Three reps
  3. Naomi Hadley  — Two reps
  4. Aneta Brzáková — One rep
  5. Emma-Jane Smith — No reps
  6. Mel Smith — No reps

Bag Over Bar

In this event, the four bags weighed 13 to 19 kilograms (28.6-42 pounds). They had to be tossed over a crossbar four meters high. 

Underdown clearly understood the assignment — she was the only competitor to finish all four bags in less than 20 seconds. Placing was determined by who tossed the most bags, followed by the quickest time.

  1. Lucy Underdown — 19.91 seconds
  2. Aneta Brzáková  — Three in 19.94 seconds
  3. Naomi Hadley — Three in 59.47 seconds
  4. Katie Smith — Two in 48.7 seconds
  5. Emma-Jane Smith — One in 6.42 seconds
  6. Mel Smith — No reps

Yoke Carry

The goal was simple — carry the 290-kilogram (639.4-pound) yoke 10 meters down and 10 meters back in the fastest time possible. Three of the six athletes managed to do so, but Underdown was again the fastest. She finished in a little over 21 seconds. Hadley made it enjoyable because she finished only three seconds behind the leader. Smith was the only other athlete to complete all 20 meters. Scoring was determined by distance after that.

  1. Lucy Underdown — 21.33 seconds
  2. Naomi Hadley — 24.22 seconds
  3. Katie Smith — 44.34 seconds
  4. Aneta Brzáková  — 15.2 meters
  5. Emma-Jane Smith — 14.6 meters
  6. Mel Smith — 4.4 meters

Farmer’s Walk

This was the only women’s event that differed from the strongmen. The ladies had to perform the Farmer’s Walk with 110 kilograms (242 pounds), a total of 20 meters, as quickly as possible. This one was close, but Underdown won this one by two seconds over Smith. Underdown was running away with the win at this stage of the competition. 

  1. Lucy Underdown — 12.23 seconds
  2. Katie Smith — 14.76 seconds
  3. Aneta Brzáková  — 19.02 seconds
  4. Naomi Hadley  — 25.52 seconds
  5. Emma-Jane Smith  — 29.83 seconds
  6. Mel Smith  — Zero

Dumbbell Press for Reps

The penultimate event for the competition was the Dumbbell Press for Reps. The 50-kilogram (110-pound) dumbbell had to be lifted to the shoulder, pressed overhead, and held until the judge gave the down command; the most reps would determine the winner.

Underdown was the only athlete to manage any reps, and she completed three reps, which excited the fans. The other five athletes zeroed the event.

  1. Lucy Underdown  — Three reps
  2. Naomi Hadley  — No reps
  3. Katie Smith  — No reps
  4. Aneta Brzáková  — No reps
  5. Mel Smith — No reps
  6. Emma-Jane Smith — No reps

Atlas Stones

The Atlas Stones was the final event. Underdown had the title clinched at this point, but she still managed to take all five stones, ranging from 100 to 140 kilograms (220 to 308 pounds), and place them on their pedestals to sweep the competition. Hadley was the only other athlete to manage all five, and she did it with less than four seconds to go in the 75-second time limit.

  1. Lucy Underdown  — 29.13 seconds
  2. Naomi Hadley  — 71.83 seconds
  3. Katie Smith  — Four in 17.17 seconds
  4. Aneta Brzáková  — Three in 26.73 seconds
  5. Mel Smith — One in 22.36 seconds
  6. Emma-Jane Smith — No reps

Other Division Winners

Other divisions were held for the strongwomen, including under 82 kilograms, under 73 kilograms, and under 64 kilograms. The top three winners of those events are below, courtesy of The World’s Strongest Fan.


  1. Donna Moore
  2. Laura Colin
  3. Jemma Stubbs


  1. Chloe Brennan
  2. Kate Connolly
  3. Rachael Greathead


  1. Rhianon Lovelace
  2. Shannon Smith
  3. Sammy Mayhew

Featured Image: @lucyunders_strongwoman on Instagram