2022 Australia’s Strongest Man and Woman Results — Jordan Osborne & Alirene Clair Victorious

After eight events, the land down under has new national champions.

On March 27, 2022, the strongest men and women in Australia convened in Melbourne to battle it out across six events to determine who is the strongest Australian. Ultimately, Jordan Osborne ascended to the top of the leaderboard for the men, claiming the crown by two points over Aidan Canini, who bested Fadi El Masri via tiebreaker for silver. Likewise, Alirene Clair took the gold with a five-point cushion between her and runner-up Joe Kimitaunga. Here are the full results:

2022 Australia’s Strongest Man

  1. Jordan Osborne — 40 points
  2. Aiden Canini — 38 points
  3. Fadi El Masri —  38 points
  4. Thomas Wren — 35 points
  5. Sean Gillen — 29.5 points
  6. Max McCall — 21 points
  7. Corey Polkinghorne — 11.5 points

2022 Australia’s Strongest Woman

  1. Alirene Clair — 31 points
  2. Joe Kimitaunga — 26 points
  3. Camilla Fogagnolo — 24.5 points
  4. Nichole Wight — 20 points
  5. Elly Smith — 17.5 points

Both the men’s and women’s competitions featured the same eight events in the same order: the Squat Lift, a Max Block Press, a Farmer’s Walk, Fingal’s Fingers, a Deadlift Ladder, the Log Lift, a Loading Race, and the Atlas Stones.


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2022 Australia’s Strongest Man Recap

The opening event was the Squat Lift which challenged athletes to hit as many reps as possible of 310 kilograms (683.4 pounds). It was Wren who claimed the top spot with Osborne in fourth position. Osborne didn’t take long to kick into high gear, though, as he scored first-place points in the Max Block Press event. El Masri remained steady, ranking second through the first two events.

El Masri upped the ante in the Farmer’s Walk event, scoring his first win of the contest. Osborne again landed in fourth, two ranks behind Wren. The Fingal’s Fingers proved fit for Osborne, who claimed his second event win of the competition with Wren right behind him in second. El Masri took a massive hit to his leaderboard standing with a sixth-place finish in the Fingers.

Before the Deadlift Ladder event, Polkinghorne withdrew from the competition, leaving six strongmen to battle in the final two events. Gillen got on the board with a first-place finish in the Deadlift Ladder, leaving Osborne in fifth, El Masri in fourth, and Wren in third. 

As the competition got to the later stages, Canini came alive. He followed up his second-place finish in the Deadlift Ladder with a first-place finish in the Log Lift, earning some much needed points to move up the leaderboard as Osborne again landed in fifth place for the second straight event.

Canini rounded out his stellar second half of competition with another win in the Atlas Stones. However, it was not enough to overcome his slow start to the contest as Osborne’s third-place finish in the Stones enabled him to hang onto the title. Canini’s victory in the final event — one rank ahead of El Masri — was enough for the tiebreaker to put Canini into second overall and El Masri in third.


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2022 Australia’s Strongest Woman Recap

Clair came out of the gates swinging in the Squat Lift for the women. She took first place points followed up with another win in the Max Block Press. That was a needed point cushion as the wheels momentarily fell off in the Farmer’s Walk where she ranked last.

Clair got back in the saddle in the Fingal’s Fingers, scoring her third event win of the competition. She didn’t give up any ground, taking first place points in the Deadlift Ladder, and advanced her lead as Kimitaunga fell to last place in that event. The jets stayed on for Clair who racked up yet another win in the Log Lift and a third place finish in the Loading Race. As Kimitaunga had not made up for her blemish in the Deadlift Ladder, Clair was guaranteed first place overall heading into the Stones. Kimitaunga left the competition with an event win in the Atlas Stones and the silver medal.

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