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2022 CrossFit Games Event 13 “Jackie Pro” Results — Medeiros and Toomey Are the Fittest on Earth®

Medeiros caught a fourth-place finish in the event and a second consecutive CrossFit Games title; Toomey was effectively locked from the start.

The final event of the 2022 CrossFit Games was upon the athletes in Madison, WI. Rowing, thrusters, and bar muscle-ups were all that stood between them and the award ceremony. Defending five-time Fittest Woman on Earth®, Tia-Clair Toomey, was effectively locked for her sixth Games title with an insurmountable lead. Mal O’Brien was in position to be the youngest athlete to ever finish on the Games podium at age 18.

Justin Medeiros appeared as though he would defend his Games title for the second year in a row as Ricky Garard, who led through the first two days, was not maintaining the same pace in the latter half of the Games. Roman Khrennikov made a late surge, moved into the silver-medal position, and sought to maintain that spot for his Games debut.

Event 13 — Jackie Pro Results

Here are the full results:

Individual Women’s Results

  1. Lucy Campbell — 8:29.53
  2. Kara Saunders — 8:35.97
  3. Mal O’Brien — 8:45.58
  4. Laura Horvath — 8:46.72
  5. Haley Adams — 8:56.87
  6. Danielle Brandon — 9:10.18
  7. Gabriela Migała — 9:28.66
  8. Jacqueline Dahlstrøm — 9:29.65
  9. Karin Freyová — 9:31.77
  10. Tia-Clair Toomey — 9:47.28

Individual Men’s Results

  1. Lazar Đukić — 7:59.70
  2. Roman Khrennikov — 8:09.71
  3. Cole Sager — 8:10.64
  4. Justin Medeiros — 8:26.34
  5. Sam Kwant — 8:26.73
  6. Jeffrey Adler — 8:27.51
  7. Jonne Koski — 8:32.94
  8. Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 8:36.85
  9. Willy Georges — 8:40.91
  10. Noah Ohlsen — 8:44.10

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Event 13 — Jackie Pro

For time:

Women: 65 pounds | Men: 95 pounds

Time cap: 10 minutes (Men), 11 minutes (Women)

The 1,000-meter row must be completed in under 3:40 for the women and under 3:15 for the men. 


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Event 13 Recap

The opening heat for the men got underway, and a solid base pace across the board seemed to be the strategy. The commentary team said that the required pace to not get dropped from the event in the row portion was a sub 1:37 500-meter split.

Briant and Paulson were the first to clear the ergometers. As the rest of the heat joined them, the thrusters made the athletes look like pistons in the wide shot. Paulson continued to lead the heat — he was a full 10 thrusters ahead going into the fourth set of 10.

Paulson’s lead extended into the final set of thrusters but didn’t hold as Crouch was first to the muscle-ups. Upenieks hopped into the muscle-ups without rest and overtook the lead in the heat. He went through 12 reps before stopping to rest.

During that rest, Briant got a grasp of the lead and didn’t let it go. He crossed the finish line at 8:52.79 to win heat one. Upenieks crossed the line second at 9:15.21. Crouch finished eight seconds later. Two men did not finish within the time cap.

Men’s Heat Two

The pace on the rowers was the same for heat two; athletes treated it as a buy-in to elevate their heart rates. Every athlete in the heat paced their rows exactly right to finish with the 3:15 requirement. Lazar Đukić took the least amount of rest and got an early lead in the thrusters.

Đukić and Sager were in a two-person race for the lead in the heat as they began their final set of thrusters. A momentary break by Đukić and Sager was the first to the muscle-ups. However, Đukić took the lead right back after Sager paused at the rig.

Sager and Đukić had 10 reps left with plenty of time to beat Briant’s time from heat one. Đukić finished first and crossed the line at a time of 7:59.70 to win the heat. Sager finished 10 seconds later to close out his ninth CrossFit Games appearance.

Men’s Heat Three

Medeiros knew he could lock up his second Games title with a ninth-place finish in this event. He took a deep breath to zone in, and the opening row began. Khrennikov, Hopper, and Kwant were the first to the thrusters. Medeiros trailed a bit behind but had a faster cycle rate than Garard and Khrennikov.

Hopper set the pace in the second set of thrusters by taking the least amount of rest. Kwant stayed with him. Vellner and Khrennikov were also in the mix for the lead. Medeiros increased his cycle rate and remained within the range needed to defend his overall lead.

Medeiros’ cycle rate overtook the lead in the heat, and he was the first to the muscle-ups with Khrennikov. The Russian hopped onto the bar first and got a pair of reps ahead of Medeiros, but there wasn’t enough distance between them to change the overall standings.

Khrennikov did not advance to the final bar for his muscle-ups, but that didn’t matter as he crossed the finish line first in a time of 8:09.71. Medeiros took a break with one rep to go, but he finished second in the heat to secure his crown as the Fittest Man on Earth®.


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Women’s Heat One

The rowing for the opening heat in the women’s division was a methodical pace for everyone, though they cranked it up before the end. For the first time in the event, two athletes did not finish the row in the required time: Helgadottir and Fuselier.

Freyová took the lead in the heat during the opening set of thrusters. It was a three-way dance between her, Gazan, and Kolenbrander for the lead. Powers burst into the mix for the lead, though Freyová held on as the muscle-ups began. Freyová’s lead expanded the deeper into the muscle-ups the heat got, and she crossed the finish line first in a time of 9:31.77. Powers got in second at 9:55.34.

Women’s Heat Two

The athletes in heat two had the jets turned during the row to avoid the same fate as Helgadottir and Fuselier. It didn’t look easy, but all the athletes in heat two advanced to the thrusters. Turner established the fastest cycle rate in the opening set, followed by Adams and Campbell.

That trio moved ahead of the rest of the heat by double-digit reps by the time they hopped on the bar for muscle-ups. Campbell got to work first in the muscle-ups, but Adams did 12 reps straight to overtake the lead. Campbell took it back after a quick rest as Turner fell off the lead pace.

Campbell moved on to the final bar quickly and scored her last 10 reps unbroken to finish first in the heat in a time of 8:29.53. Adams was still four reps behind her but finished second in the heat at 8:56.87.

Women’s Heat Three

The big battle in the final heat was between Brandon and Horvath for the Games’ bronze medal. Toomey and O’Brien had firm holds on first and second overall, respectively, barring a cataclysmic twist in the timeline.

Horvath, Brandon, Toomey, and O’Brien were the first to the thrusters. Horvath was the first athlete in either division not to rest between the row and the thrusters. Toomey was moving slower than she might have if she was under pressure, but she was locked to be the six-time Fittest Woman on Earth®. 

Horvath was a machine through the first 11 muscle-ups before finally taking her first break all event. She had a four-rep lead over Saunders and a nearly double-digit lead over Brandon. Saunders took advantage of Horvath’s final rest period to cross at a time of 8:35.97. O’Brien got across 10 seconds later, just one second before Horvath. 

Toomey finished her final 10 muscle-ups and crossed the finish line at 9:47.28 to become the all-time winningest Individual CrossFitter in history.

Medeiros Retains

With all the 2022 CrossFit Games events in the books, Justin Medeiros scores his second consecutive Games title. After Rich Froning’s four consecutive years as the Fittest on Earth® and Mat Fraser’s five consecutive years as Fittest on Earth®, Medeiros became the third Individual Man to claim that title in back-to-back years in CrossFit history.

Featured image: @justinmedeiros34 on Instagram