Romina Basualdo Wins 2023 Grl Pwr Championships Bikini Division Show

Basualdo is going back to the Olympia.

Romina Basualdo is the 2023 IFBB Pro League Grl Pwr Championships Bikini division winner. Basualdo was one of 22 IFBB Pro League athletes who competed on Saturday, April 29, 2023, in Orlando, FL. Basualdo earned her 2023 Olympia qualification in addition to standing atop the podium.

Reijuana Harley and Jessica Machado ranked second and third overall, respectively. The head judge for this show was Sandy Williamson. The top 10 finishers are below:

2023 Grl Pwr Championships Show Results — Bikini Division

  1. Romina Basualdo
  2. Reijuana Harley
  3. Jessica Machado
  4. Janine Herrera
  5. Kimberly Bonilla
  6. Carlee Stevenson
  7. Carolina Collazos
  8. Kathy Seitz
  9. Sophia Bernard
  10. Shey Webb

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Winner — Romina Basualdo

This was Basualdo’s first appearance and win of 2023 and the ninth show of her nine-year career. She scored perfect first-place votes in this single-round contest. If she competes in the 2023 Olympia on the weekend of Nov. 2-5 in Orlando, it will be her fifth Olympia appearance. She ranked 10th in the 2022 Bikini Olympia. Her highest Olympia ranking was third in 2017.

Second Place — Reijuana Harley

This was Harley’s first contest since the 2021 Bikini Olympia, where she placed out of the top 15. It’s her third career second-place finish. The first pro win of her career still eludes her. The Florida-based athlete must enter another show and get that first victory to qualify for the 2023 Olympia.

Third Place — Jessica Machado

Machado has been competitively active in 2023, as this was her third pro contest of the season. She was 11th in the Musclecontest Campinas Pro and took fifth in the Charlotte Pro. The second-year pro improved in the placings in each contest. However, if she competes again, the only place that matters as far as the Olympia is concerned is first.


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Other Notes

There were two Masters contests at this show. Janine Herrera took fourth in the Open show and won the Masters Over 40 title. The Over 50 championship went to Betty Jean Tokunaga.

The next two Bikini division shows on the 2023 schedule are on the same weekend. The 2023 Pittsburgh Pro is scheduled to be held in Pittsburgh, PA, on the weekend of May 12-13. Meanwhile, San Diego, CA, will host the California Night of Champions on May 13.

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