2023 Charlotte Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

Five champions earned 2023 Olympia qualifications in the Queen City.

Over 80 IFBB Pro League competitors in five divisions gathered in Charlotte, NC, for the 2023 Charlotte Pro. Their objectives were to win the contest and earn qualification spots for the 2023 Olympia Weekend, scheduled for Nov. 2-5 in Orlando, FL.

Out of those athletes, five champions were crowned. Daniil Famponte won the Classic Physique division, the Men’s Physique title went to Corey Morris, Figure’s top spot went to Madison Dinges, Vania Auguste won the Bikini division title, and the Wellness winner was Gisella Machado. The head judge for the contests was Tyler Manion.

2023 Charlotte Pro Show Results

The top 10 placings for all five divisions are below:

Classic Physique

  1. Daniil Famponte
  2. Justin Badurina
  3. Damien Patrick
  4. Tomas Adame-Hernandez
  5. Kelvin Ogbebor
  6. Lamar Shaw
  7. James “Jay” Yount
  8. Thomas Allen
  9. Barry Irving
  10. Tony A. Harris

Men’s Physique

  1. Corey Morris
  2. Benquil Marigny
  3. Christopher Barr
  4. Dustin Alvis
  5. Puwanat Putoya
  6. Brett Mario Jackson
  7. John Murphy
  8. Roy Williams
  9. Brandon Elam
  10. Joshua Goforth


  1. Madison Dinges
  2. Ericka Morgan
  3. Danielle Rose
  4. Constance Jones
  5. Amanda Houston
  6. Ashley Howells
  7. Deshane Price
  8. Sh’Nere Mattise Deas
  9. Nakeisha Scruggs
  10. Yukina Betz


  1. Vania Auguste
  2. Maria Acosta
  3. Brittany Hamilton
  4. Ashley Hampton
  5. Jessica Machado
  6. Alice Rocha
  7. Brittany Carouse
  8. Emily Plajer
  9. Lizzie Martinez
  10. Kiki McClellan


  1. Gisella Machado
  2. Jasmine Payne
  3. Amanda Rezende
  4. Rayanne Collins
  5. Daisha Johnson
  6. Kimberly Riley
  7. Haley Johnson
  8. Carol Cantarero
  9. Idalia Molina
  10. Cathy Wood

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Classic Physique Winner — Daniil Famponte

This was Famponte’s second contest of the season. He finished third at the 2023 Fitworld Pro on Apr. 1. Famponte is in his second season, and this is his first professional victory. That means he’s qualified to make his Classic Physique Olympia debut in November should he decide to compete. Famponte had a perfect score on the judges’ scorecards.

Second Place — Justin Badurina

Badurina was fifth at the Fitworld Pro, but he was leaner and appeared more confident at this show. The third-year pro from New Jersey now has two second-place finishes in his career. He also took the runner-up spot at the 2021 Atlantic Coast Pro. He didn’t compete at all in 2022, but two top-three finishes in 2023 can be momentum for his next show if he competes again.

Third Place — Damien Patrick

Patrick was the runner-up to Eric L. Brown at the Fitworld Pro before this show. The sixth-year pro is still in search of his first professional victory. This is the first year that he has had two top-three finishes in the same season. 


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Other Notes

Corey Morris was a late entry in the Men’s Physique division show but claimed his second victory of the 2023 season and his seventh overall since turning pro in 2018. He won the 2023 Wasatch Warrior Pro show one week before this contest.

Figure winner Madison Dinges competed in her third pro show since earning her pro card at the 2022 NPC Junior Nationals. She will make her Olympia debut in Orlando.

Vania Auguste won her third pro show with her win in Bikini. She is now qualified for the Olympia for the third consecutive year. She finished out of the top 15 in 2021 and 2022. Wellness champion Gisella Machado made her professional debut and is Olympia-qualified for the first time.

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