2023 HYROX Málaga Results — The Leaderboard Has Shifted in Spain

The men’s Elite 15 leaderboard was shaken up, and there was a surprise on the women’s side, too.

The 2023 HYROX World Championships qualifier races are beginning to wrap up for the season. On April 15, one of the final qualifiers of the season took place in Málaga, Spain. It served as an opportunity for athletes to make their way into the Elite 15 heat at the World Championships race in Manchester, UK, slated to take place on May 22-23, 2023. 

The men’s leaderboard saw some surprising shake-ups, including U.S. athlete Rich Ryan getting shuffled off the Elite 15 leaderboard after just making his way onto the leaderboard in the last U.S. event. Jonathon Wynn and Florian Gast nailed times good enough to move them into positions nine and 13, respectively. 


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While the race also featured some great times on the women’s side, they did not impact the women’s Elite leaderboard, as Camilla Massa took home the victory but fell short of the Elite 15. Check out the full results of the Málaga race below.

Málaga Elite Men’s Division Results

  1. Jonathon Wynn (AUS) — 00:56:58
  2. Joffrey Voisin (FRA) — 00:57:40
  3. Florian Gast (GER) — 00:58:15
  4. Alfons Deu Ruiz (ESP) — 00:58:57
  5. Jorge Gonzalez Alvarez (ESP) — 01:01:06
  6. David Martin Peral (ESP) — 01:01:120
  7. Par Bergsman (SWE) — 01:01:51
  8. Steffen Blekkan (NOR) — 01:02:35
  9. Filipe Prates Pucarinho (ESP) — 1:02:43
  10. Aitor Lizarazu Hormilla (ESP) — 1:03:25
  11. Joao Monteiro (POR) — 1:04:28
  12. Michael Sandbach (GBR) — 1:04:55

Málaga Elite Women’s Division Results

  1. Camilla Massa (ITA) — 1:06:14
  2. Felicity Cole (GBR) — 1:06:29
  3. Anabel Obank (GBR) — 1:08:54
  4. Ines Rosinha (ESP) — 1:14:08
  5. Pilar Santafe (ESP) — 1:14:29
  6. Gwen Fennell (IRL) — 1:17:20
  7. Sian Javadi (ESP) — 1:18:16
  8. Paula Bernabe Gamo (ESP) — 1:20:52
  9. Kristy Keating (ESP) — 1:21:57
  10. Sorrel Lewis (ESP) — 1:22:25
  11. Geraldine Miell (ESP) — 1:23:39
  12. Cathrin Moeller (GER) — 1:24:00

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2023 HYROX Málaga Recap

The shake-ups on the men’s leaderboard stole fans’ attention, but there was plenty of excitement on the women’s side.

Fan favorite Camilla Massa, who placed ninth at the 2023 HYROX North American Championships, traveled to Málaga to secure her position in the Elite 15. The Italian ultimately wasn’t able to secure her spot at the Championships despite taking home the overall win in Málaga. 

Massa only defeated second-place finisher Felicity Cole by less than a minute. Cole currently sits one spot above Massa on the leaderboard, just under the cut-off line for the World Championships. This victory wasn’t enough to bring Massa over the top.

On the men’s side, Jonathon Wynn and Florian Gast, who placed first and third at this event, respectively, found their way on the Elite 15 leaderboard, bumping Alfons Deu Ruiz and James Kelly down and out. Behind Kelly sits Rich Ryan, who will have to fight his way back onto the Elite 15.


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Wynn finished in a time of sub-57 minutes, giving him the fourth fastest men’s pro HYROX time. He beat out second-place finisher Joffrey Voisin by 42 seconds.

What’s Next in HYROX?

The United States has one event remaining in Anaheim, California, on April 22. The World Championships then take place on May 22-23.

The big question is: Can Camilla Massa and Rich Ryan lock in a time good enough to move from position 18 to 15 to compete at the World Championships in the Elite 15 heat? Ryan has announced on his Instagram that he will be in Anaheim to take another crack at it, but it is unknown if Massa has plans for back-to-back race weekends. Stay tuned to BarBend’s coverage to find out more.

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