74kg Powerlifter Owen Hubbard Crushes 700kg Total In Competition

Owen Hubbard, 23, is a British Powerlifter who just put up a massive total for the 74kg weight class in competition. Hubbard has built a large list of powerlifting accomplishments in his career. He holds seven different Senior Classic British Powerlifting records across three different weight classes.

This past weekend Hubbard competed in the Welsh Powerlifting Championships and put up a crazy 700kg total for a British record. This puts him only 30kg behind the world record total in the 74kg class. He also finished with two British records for the 74kg squat and bench.

He went 6/9 on the day with his finals lifts being a 242.5kg squat, 190kg bench, and 267.5kg deadlift.

Hubbard is relatively new to the 74kg weight class and is looking to continue being a dominant force within this class. For the past couple years Hubbard has competed in the 83kg weight class.

In 2016, he finished third behind John Haack at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. He recorded a 745kg total and finished with a 270kg squat, 202.5kg bench, and a 272.5kg deadlift.

Hubbard is possibly best known for his insane bench press strength. He now holds three British records for the bench in three different weight classes. In the 93kg weight class Hubbard has the open bench press record with a 195kg press.

For the 83kg weight class Hubbard has two records. One for the the junior category with a 205kg press and the second in the open category with a 208.5kg bench. His most recent 190kg record in the 74kg weight class is over 20kg from the previously set record.

To give more context into his bench strength, below is a video Hubbard shared on his YouTube page in 2015 highlighting a 250kg equipped bench press at 22 years old.

Hubbard’s recent weight class change could be a great thing for chasing down the 74kg world records. He’s only 30kg away from the current world record total and he’s relatively new to this class.

If Hubbard continues to compete in the 74kg weight class it will be interesting to see how he performs at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships with more training at this weight.

Feature image from @ohubb Instagram page.