John Haack Squats 595lbs x 6 RAW and Continues a Great 2016

There’s no question about John Haack being one strong dude, especially when its comes to squats.

Haack recently shared a video to his Instagram of a 270kg (595 lb) raw squat for six.

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In the video description, Haack comments that this was a final set of a 3×6 and his current weight is 86.2kg (190 lbs). That’s a casual 6-rep last set raw squat for 3.1x his bodyweight.

Although for most people, this squat won’t come as a surprise. Haack is a well-known dominant force in the 83kg weight class for the powerlifting community.

In October of this year, Haack took home first place at the USAPL Raw Nationals held in Atlanta, Georgia. He recorded a 810kg (1,782 lb) total with a 270kg (660 lb) squat, 195kg (429 lb) bench, and 315kg (693) deadlift. It’s also worth noting he won the USAPL Raw Nationals in 2015 too with a 787.5kg total.

In addition to his stellar performance at the USAPL Raw Nationals, Haack also took home first at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, which were held in Killeen, Texas, in June. To top it off, Haack recorded an IPF World Record 813kg total with a 298kg (656 lb) squat, 200kg (440 lb) bench, and 315kg (693 lb) deadlift.

To gain a better understanding of what 2017 holds for this elite powerlifter, I reached out and asked Haack when his next meet will be. Currently Haack is training for the USPA US Open that he’ll compete at in April.

I then asked Haack what the greatest was he’s learned thus far from his successful 2016. He replied with, “the value of attempt selection.”

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If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Haack continues to improve every meet and every training session. The video above was shared on Haack’s page about a week ago and features a 335kg (738 lb) deadlift and a (457 lb) touch and go bench press. Both of these listed numbers are higher than lifts he’s recorded in meets to date, which is a great sign for future meets.

With his continued documented improvements in the weight room, it would appear there’s no sign of slowing down for Haack anytime soon.