Actor Dax Shepard Shows Off Some Serious Gains

The podcast host and actor has, apparently, added "gym rat" to his resume.

Dax Shepard may want to consider changing the name of his podcast from Armchair Expert to Arm Expert because the actor has gained some muscle. Shepard, known for his roles in Parenthood, Employee of the Month, and CHIPS, shared a photo on Instagram of himself and a few friends in a gym. In it, he’s holding a kettlebell and sporting a tank top.

The 46-year old Shepard has always been in decent shape, but he has never been seen sporting striated shoulders and a biceps vein that runs from delt to forearms. You can also see his abs jutting out from his tank top. All this to say — Shepard has really upped his time in the gym. Check it out:


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This transformation is a bit out of the blue, at least on social media. Shepard hasn’t posted much about his recent gains. That said, the podcast host is open about his appreciation for the fitness lifestyle. In March 2020, Shepard had on actors and comedians Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mythic Quest) and Kumail Najiani (Silicone Valley) in an episode titled “Men’s Bodies.” Shepard interviewed the two actors about their respective body transformations. The three discuss lifting weights, their diets, eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, and the reactions they received from fans about their new physiques.

In another episode, Shepard talked with actor Jonathan Tucker (who had a stint in Parenthood, in which Shepard was a mainstay). In the MMA drama TV series Kingdom, Tucker actually cut weight like an MMA fighter and dropped down to low single-digit body fat. Shepard was impressed and promised to post a picture of Tucker on his Instagram. 


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Shepard was possibly inspired by his fit guests and has appeared to take matters into his own hands and get fit. He hosted Armchair Expert, which was the most downloaded podcast in 2018 on iTunes, for three years, has two kids with his wife Kristen Bell, and has two movies slated for 2021 (according to IMDB).

It’s not clear what Shepard’s end goal is — again, he hasn’t been too outspoken about his recent fitness journey, and he has a lot going on — but he clearly knows what he’s doing. 

Featured image: @daxshepard on Instagram