Improve Your Weightlifting With Aleksey Torokhtiy’s Matrix-Style Lifting Videos

Aleksey Torokhtiy is releasing a new series of weightlifting videos inspired by The Matrix.

A dream that Aleksey Torokhtiy and his partner Sergei Putsov have had in the making for years is finally becoming a reality. Torokhtiy and the crew at Warm Body Cold Mind are set to release a series of weightlifting videos that could forever change the weightlifting video tutorial.

The art of making descriptive weightlifting tutorials is nothing new for Torokhtiy and the Warm Body Cold Mind crew. Back in 2017, they released their popular slow-mo weightlifting series that took the Instagram weightlifting community by storm. So how are Toroktiy’s weightlifting videos going to be different?

The new series is filmed by not one, but 60 cameras…all at once. This is a filming process that was similar to what was popularized in the movie The Matrix. Instead of bullets flying, it’s barbells and plates.

Torokhtiy told us that the main goal for these videos is to condense 15 years of weightlifting experience into action packed 60-second videos. He points out that every weightlifter lifts the same barbell, but the problem often comes down to explaining the movements. His hope is that these videos will contain more than enough information to accurately explain complex movements in a descriptive and simplistic manner.

The goal is to cover the core weightlifting movements and each of their progressions, and this series of 30-40 exercises will live for free on YouTube and Torokhtiy’s website. Interested in checking out a behind the scenes look at the new Bullet Time lifting videos?

So how in-depth was the filming process for this series? Torokhtiy explained that they filmed the series in Ukraine and rented out a full film studio and crew of ten for 12-hour video shoot. He noted that the editing process is the most expensive part, which makes sense when you consider editing footage from over 50 cameras.

Check out Torokhtiy’s first two tutorial videos below!

The Clean

The Split Jerk

Aleksey wants to turn the project into 20-day Snatch tutorial course and also use the material for his PhD thesis about online training.

Feature image from Aleksey Torokhtiy YouTube channel.