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Andrea Thompson: Strongman Evolution and the World’s Strongest Woman (Podcast)

Today we’re talking to British strongwoman Andrea Thompson. After beginning her strength career in CrossFit, Andrea found she had a gift for many of the disciplines in the sport of strongman. Early competition success led to what is now one of the sport’s most stacked resumes. She’s a 4-time Britain’s Strongest Woman, the 2018 World’s Strongest Woman, and a multi-time record holder in lifts like the log press and deadlift. Andrea joins us to talk about training for the log press and deadlift world records earlier this year, one of which she did on a virtual live stream, as well as the growth of the sport and what’s next for her.

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Turns out that a little flirting with @savickas_bigz goes a long way🤣 I'm totally overwhelmed by the love and support I've had with this record and nothing is going to burst this bubble anytime soon. Massive thanks to @worldsultimatestrongman for giving me the opportunity and continuing our sport during this pandemic. These guys couldnt do enough for me and treated me with the highest level of respect, setting the standard👌🏽 Special thanks to my loaders/hype team/friends @s2s_physio and @farahfonseca you knew what was needed and got the job done. You know the celebrations will be messy🍾 Forever grateful to @thecoffeemod for letting take over his gym to train for this🙏🏾 To @biglozwsm my coach, number 1 believer and friend. You trusted me, I trusted you. Big things to come🤗 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ @cerberus_strength QUEEN10 @sturdybydesign ANDREA15 @teamaffinity ANDREA @muhdo_health  #lifestyle #fit #supplements #girlswholift #fitness #crossfit #gym #strong #workout #gymlife #blackgirlmagic #teamcerberus #strength #health #traps #lockdown

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On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to Andrea Thompson about:

  • Andrea’s origins in strength sports (and going from CrossFit to strongman!) (2:01)
  • Winning World’s Strongest Woman in 2018 (5:13)
  • The CrossFit workout Andrea still loves (6:45)
  • Becoming the world’s best at the log press (10:00)
  • Optimizing equipment for strongman (15:20)
  • British strongman secrets (18:33)
  • Favorite strongman competitions (and taking her mother to the Olympia) (21:00)
  • Competing at the Arnold Classic in 2020 as COVID-19 began to impact competitions (23:40)
  • Future goals in the sport (27:25)

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