Powerlifter Andrew Hause (140KG) Hits 467.8-Kilogram (1031.4-Pound) Squat PR in Training

The Junior total world record holder lifted a 25-pound PR after losing approximately 15 pounds.

Whenever powerlifter Andrew Hause steps up to a barbell, he will probably lift it successfully regardless of the weight that’s loaded on it. He holds the all-time Junior total world record (wraps) of 1,105.9 kilograms (2,438 pounds), scored at the 2021 Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) Showcase Super Classic. At that same event, he hit the Junior squat world record of 456.3 kilograms (1,006 pounds).

That squat was his all-time competition best and he recently shattered it in training. On July 5, 2022, Hause took to his Instagram page to share a video wherein he squats an all-time PR of 467.8 kilograms (1031.4 pounds) with wraps in training. Despite it exceeding his previous PR by 25 pounds, according to the post’s caption, Hause felt he had more in the tank:

I’m not happy with how it moved and how shaky the descent was. I know I’m capable of more.

Check out Hause’s new squat PR below:


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Hause felt he could have lifted more because his body weight was lower than he thought it should be. Per his caption, he lost approximately 14 to 16 pounds in the three weeks before the lift. Even though that is a significant drop in weight in such a short period, Hause did not elaborate on what might have caused it. He stated that it was not intentional and that he has no excuses for the weight loss. He intends to regain that weight with the help of his coach Ben Pollack.

Hause is known for being exceptional in the squat. The video above isn’t his first with a titanic weight. He hit his all-time Junior world record weight in training in a speed rep in May 2021. It’s currently the third-heaviest ever squat in the 140-kilogram category. If he were to hit his new PR in a sanctioned powerlifting meet, he would be about 10 kilograms shy of the second-heaviest squat ever of 477.5 kilograms (1,052.6 pounds) held by Eric Lilliebridge.

The current raw with wraps world record squat is held by James Searcy, who scored 480 kilograms (1,058.2 pounds) at the 2018 RPS Live Large Big Spring Showdown, according to Open Powerlifting.


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When Hause tacks that body weight back onto his frame, we’ll see how much more he can squat. If he can challenge Searcy’s all-time world record, perhaps Hause’s all-time total world record goal will be within reach. Hause has the second-highest total ever of 1,105.8 kilograms (2,437.9 pounds), less than 10 kilograms shy of Lillibridge’s all-time world record of 1,115 kilograms (2,458.2 pounds).

Featured image: @daspowerhause on Instagram