5 Benefits of Goblet Squats

The Goblet Squat Exercise Guide is a helpful resource to help improve squat performance, specifically: proper progressions, benefits, and exercise demos needed to properly perform the movement. While the benefits of the goblet squat were briefly discussed in the guide, we chose to go in more depth on how this exercise can enhance human movement, core strength, and help coaches teach the squat better.


To further the understanding of the wide array of benefits and applications of the goblet squat for all level liters, we will take a look at five benefits you can expect to be rewarded with after master the goblet squat.

Better Warm-Ups

The goblet squat is a very simple and effective movement for the individual athlete OR groups to warm-up for dynamic workouts involving squats, pulls, running, jumping, or any other human movement. The ease of use of kettlebells and/or dumbbells in a gym setting (whether large gym, home gym, etc) further makes this movement a great way to upgrade the standard bodyweight air squat warm up or routine. Combined with some of the below benefits, the goblet squat can help maximize warm-up efficiency and scalability in small and large group training settings.


Perfect Your Squat Mobility

The goblet squat is a very natural movement and postural position for most of us to be in. Whether we are picking a child up from the ground or any other routine at in life, the goblet squat allows us to set a rigid spine and move from the hips, knees, and ankles to perfect our downwards movement. The addition of such variations as a counterbalance goblet squat can also help lifters of all levels and abilities learn the proper balance and movement needed to perform a sound squat.

Progress Beginners

Most beginners will have some difficulty in performing a back and/or front squat out of the gates. Often, they lack the proper awareness of keeping a vertical torso and allowing the hips and knees to flex so that the squat movement can be performed with minimal leaning forward. As a strength coach and trainer, I often find many beginners lack quadriceps strength, often defaulting to all squats looking like a good morning, rather than a high bar squat patterning (read why most athletes would benefit from high bar vs low bar squats). The ability to train and progress beginners with the goblet squat can be used to increase movement integrity, balance, and awareness to maintain an upright torso and use the legs to perform the squat properly.


Increase Postural Performance

Front loaded squats are a great exercise for the anterior lower body (quads), core, and upper back. Since the load is shifted forward, the lifter must maintain a strong and stable back to ensure proper extension of the spine. This increased squat postural strength can then have high application to human movement, Olympic weightlifting (cleans and snatches), front and overhead squats, CrossFit movements, and more.

Train Around Injury

Sometimes a lifter will be faced with the grim reality of injury. Goblet squats offer another alternative to more traditional squatting styles, such as back and front loaded barbell squats. The goblet squat allows for less spinal compression (more upright torso and not back loaded moment can decrease stress on lower back), individualization of the movement based on anthropometrics and mobility issues (whether in the shoulder, hips, wrists, etc), and can even be used for rehabilitation purposes to increase foundational strength and movement.


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