Boady Santavy (94kg) Unofficially Breaks Canadian Snatch and C&J Records

Canadian weightlifter Boady Santavy is heading to the Commonwealth Games in Australia, and a month out of from competition he’s exceeding Commonwealth records. The -94kg athlete just posted this clip of a personal record in the clean & jerk that exceeds his Canadian national record by a whopping five kilograms (11 pounds). And according to Santavy, he had plenty left in the tank. Here’s the lift.

He posted with the caption,

A strong and EASY 206 kilo/453 pound clean and jerk for a unofficial senior Provincial record, senior Canadian record, Commonwealth Games record, a personal record and it also beat my 2 time Olympian grandfather Bob Santavy’s record! This weight felt so strong and smooth. I’m so excited to do this weight and more at the Commonwealth games and all the other competitions, I’ll always want more and I will get more!

The son of World Weightlifting Championship athlete Dalas and grandson of Olympian Bob, the last time we saw Santavy perform on stage he was lifting at the 2017 World Weightlifting Championships in Anaheim. Here’s the current Canadian record in the clean & jerk.

He went on to clean 206 kilos but didn’t make the jerk, promising, “I will make this lift at commonwealth games, mark my words” on his Instagram later.

Nonetheless, the man set the bar for Canadian athletes in Anaheim, setting national records in the clean & jerk, the snatch (165kg/363.7lb), and the total (366kg/806.9lb).

But we’ve also seen Santavy lift more than the national snatch record as well. Here he is casually hitting another personal record that’s five kilograms heavier than the national record: 170 kilograms (374.8 pounds).

He claims that, pound-for-pound, this is the best snatch in Canadian history and added, “This lift felt so easy and I’m excited to do 175 very soon!”

We haven’t even mentioned the fact that Santavy is twenty years old. The current Commonwealth weightlifting records for the -94kg class are a 167kg snatch and 205kg clean & jerk. We have a feeling those records may not stand for much longer.

Featured image via @boady_champ on Instagram.