Watch Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead Smoke a 675-Pound Deadlift Triple PR

The two-time Classic Physique champion is going heavy in the gym in prep for a three-peat.

Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead is both aesthetic and strong. At just 26 years of age, he is already the reigning two-time Olympia Classic Physique champion. Known for pushing the boundaries of that division through the use of an inversion table, and his trademark vacuum pose, and his patented mustache, Bumstead has been packing significantly more muscle onto his 6’1″ frame.

Most notably, the difference between his back in 2019 and 2020 was substantial. For 2021’s Olympia contest, it appears the Canadian is putting a bit more focus on his wheels by loading a lot of weight plates onto his barbell and lifting it off the floor. Check out Bumstead hoist a massive 306.2-kilogram (675-pound) deadlift triple using only lifting straps (noticeably no lifting belt) in socks in the video below, courtesy of his Instagram page:


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I want it bad this year…

At a competition bodyweight of 225 pounds, Bumstead pulled three times what he weighs on stage. Since it’s the offseason for Bumstead, it’s safe to assume that he’s bulking up and so currently heavier than his very lean competition weight. However, it is still an impressive lift nonetheless.

Really Strong Bodybuilders

Other bodybuilders known for deadlifting heavy in the gym are Johnnie Jackson, the late Dallas McCarver, and eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. Jackson earned the nickname “World’s Strongest Bodybuilder” on the back of his prowess as a powerlifter. According to Open Powerlifting, Jackson competed in six sanctioned powerlifting meets between 2002 and 2012 scoring a personal best competition deadlift of 377.5 kilograms (832.2 pounds) at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships Raw Unity V event.

Stan Efferding, who is the founder of the Vertical Diet, totaled 1,010 kilograms raw in 2011 and 1,044 kilograms (2,303.8 pounds) in the Raw With Wraps category at 125 kilograms in 2013. Efferding earned his IFBB pro card in 2009. 

Prior to his unfortunate passing at the age of 26, McCarver was also known for his ability to lift extremely heavy in the gym. During the 2016 offseason, McCarver pulled a 383.3-kilogram (845-pound) deadlift. And Ronnie Coleman was also capable of deadlifting 362.3 kilograms (800 pounds). His deadlift was so strong in fact, that he could pull 800-pound doubles within six weeks of competing at the Olympia.

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Granted, Bumstead’s deadlift is not quite as heavy as what these Open division greats were pulling, but it does demonstrate a connection between a strong deadlift and bodybuilding success. Jackson weighed 275 pounds in the offseason, McCarver weighed close to 300 pounds, and Coleman weighed over 300 pounds in the offseason (and around 290 on stage). So Bumstead is considerably lighter. 

Suffice to say, if Bumstead maintains his current training program of heavy lifts through to the 2021 Olympia set to take place Oct. 7-10 in Orlando, FL, it will be a difficult task to prevent his three-peat.

Feature image: @cbum on Instagram