Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead Wins 2020 Classic Physique Olympia

The Canadian retained his title to become a two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion.

It might have been one of the expected outcomes, but the result is still just as epic. There were several bodybuilders in the Classic Physique division that were expected to put on big performances, and they followed through. The division pays homage to the “classic” physiques of the Golden Era (the 1970s and 80s) of bodybuilding where wide shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist to sweep back out with well-defined legs, all with super-fine conditioning.

After impressive posing routines that even saw Breon Ansley finish in a back double biceps pose while doing a full split and Terrance Ruffin perform an epic routine to a rendition of “The Final Countdown,” none of it was enough to overcome the size that Chris Bumstead brought to the stage. Bumstead retained to become a two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion and claim the $30,000 cash prize.


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The pre-judging took place on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020, in Orlando, FL, and saw 2019 Classic Physique Olympia champion Bumstead, two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Ansley, Terrence Ruffin, and Alex Cambronero secure spots in the final call out. Based on how Bumstead and Ansley attempted to block each other during the back double biceps pose while standing next to each other center stage, they seemed to know that 2020 would be a head-to-head battle between them for the title.

That physical contact of blocking each other during the back double biceps continued in the finals, and it appeared to lead to Ruffin — who brought a strong package himself — getting called to switch places and stand between them. At the end of the day, Ruffin was able to surpass Ansley to snag the silver medal.

Here are the top five finishers of the Classic Physique Olympia:

2020 Classic Physique Olympia Final Standings

Winner — Chris Bumstead
Second Place — Terrance Ruffin
Third Place — Breon Ansley
Fourth Place — Alex Cambronero
Fifth Place — Bryan Jones

The biggest progression for Bumstead was likely made in his back. It was clear from comparison photos to his back double biceps pose from the 2019 Olympia that he put significant work into filling out his lats in 2020. Check it comparison photos below from B&T’s Instagram page:


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So far, almost all of the division winners have been announced, including the 212 division, Ms. Olympia, Fitness, Figure, and Women’s Physique. If you missed any of the action, check out our coverage of the Olympia competition below:

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