Get Close to the Action: Check Out Brent Fikowski’s Daily Recaps of the 2018 CrossFit Games

How many athletes would take time to write ~1,000+ word daily recaps while locked in a podium battle during their sport’s biggest yearly competition? A competition notorious for draining every competitor’s physical, mental, and emotional energy?

We can only name one, and that’s CrossFit Games athlete Brent Fikowski.

It’s become something of a yearly ritual for the Games veteran and 2017 runner-up to post lengthy competition recaps almost every day during the competition itself. While most athletes are spending every precious moment of their evenings resting, eating, and recovering, somehow Fikowski finds time to go into extreme detail about his experiences, giving fans unprecedented insight into the mind of a Games competitor.

While in previous years he’s posted those thoughts on Instagram, this year he’s chronicling the events over at his blog.

And you just have to love the understated intro to his Day 2 and 3 recap from this year:

“Sorry for the delay – its been a busy couple of days but I’ll do my best to briefly recap the action.”

You’re under no obligation to us, Brent, but we sure do appreciate the recaps and insights!

So far, Fikowski has posted three daily recaps for the 2018 Games, and each is an interesting mix of event recaps (seriously, how does this guy remember so many details when he’s pushing himself to the limit on these workouts?), competitor conversations, and insights into how the Games operate backstage. The posts not only give insight into Fikowski’s mindset and approach, but also those fellow athletes like Mat Fraser and Patrick Vellner.

Fikowski’s blog is certainly worth a read, and while it’s easer than ever to follow along with year’s action, his recaps remain unique in their detail and transparency for an athlete in the midst of their most stressful competition of the year.

Thrilling stuff, indeed.

Featured image: @fikowski on Instagram