The 2019 CrossFit Open Leaderboard Now Offers Customized Hashtags

The CrossFit Games just announced a really cool addition to the 2019 CrossFit Open Leaderboard on their Instagram page. This year, athletes will have the ability to customize and add hashtags to their athlete profile, which can then be used in custom leaderboard to compare themselves to other athletes with the same hashtags.

For every level athlete, this could be an incredibly useful tool to create direct comparisons to peers similar to one’s self, and not to mention, it adds a nice level of depth to really seeing how you stack up to athletes across the world with comparable fitness backgrounds.

CrossFit Open Dates and 2019 Games Schedule

  • The CrossFit Open kicks off on Thursday, February 21st, and online sign-up for the Open began on January 10th. Check out this article for the full 2019 CrossFit Games Schedule

It’s fun to compare scores to top level athletes like Mat Fraser, but it’s not always realistic. How do you stack up to other #WeekendWarriors, #PoliceOfficers, #KneeRehabAthletes, and #PostPregnancyMoms? Those hashtags above are just examples of what athletes can use.

In the CrossFit Games Instagram video’s description they write, “Groups like @WheelWod and @Outwod have organized sub-competitions for communities within @CrossFit that participate in the Open. This year, personalized hashtags will help you organize and compare in as many ways as you can imagine or coordinate.”

Continued, “As tags are created, you’ll be able to see how many people have added that tag to their profile. Coordinating ahead of time with your community will help to maximize this tool. 

Additional CrossFit Open Leaderboard Changes

On top of the new hashtag feature, the CrossFit Games have also added the ability to customize personal leaderboards a step further. Athletes can now build custom leaderboards featuring just their friends, their affiliate, top level athletes of their choosing, athletes with the same Hashtags used, and much more.

In my opinion, this is a really cool and welcomed new change to the CrossFit Open leaderboard. There are hundreds of thousands of athletes that compete in the Open across the globe, and now we have the ability to really see how we stack up to athletes with very similar backgrounds and interests. You might not agree with all of the new 2019 CrossFit Games changes, but this change — at least in opinion — is long overdo.

Feature image from @crossfitgames Instagram page.