How to ACTUALLY Fuel Performance (with Dan Churchill)

Today I’m talking to chef, entrepreneur, and athlete Dan Churchill. Dan has been featured on MasterChef Australia, Good Morning America, the Food Network, and more. He’s also the mastermind behind the restaurant Charley Street in NYC. He also has a masters in exercise science. Dan exists at an interesting nexus between fitness and nutrition, and today, he joins us to talk about fueling for performance based on your lifestyle and goals.

Chef Dan Churchill on the BarBend Podcast

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Dan Churchill about:

  • Performance-based nutrition and being a chef first (2:00)
  • Waffles vs. pancakes (5:46)
  • Moving to New York City from Australia to pursue a career in nutrition, cooking, and performance (8:40)
  • A “bio-individualized” approach to nutrition (12:20)
  • Why we forget to ask “is the plan achievable?” when it comes to nutrition — from hunger times to sleeping patterns (15:50)
  • Is Dan the world’s fittest chef? (19:28)

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