Derek Lunsford Shares What Music Is on His Leg Day Playlist

The IFBB Pro shares the music that motivates him to lift heavy.

212 Olympia champion Derek Lunsford headed to the gym for a leg workout during his off-season prep for the 2022 Olympia. However, it wasn’t but not just another random leg day — he revealed what kind of music is boosting in his headphones to fuel him through his heavy training session.

Lunsford captured his workout in a video published on his Youtube channel on July 8, 2022. He is preparing to defend his 212 division title at the 2022 Mr. Olympia, scheduled for Dec 16-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. Check out the full video below, followed by the full workout details:

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Music for Motivation

When asked which type of music Lunsford plays, he explained that it depends on the day but usually goes by how the beat makes him feel. One of Lunsford’s playlists is titled “Florida vibes” and contains anything one might listen to on the beach. Other playlists include Christian music, Country music, and a list of 100 random songs that Lunsford struggles to classify the genre of.

Lunsford likes to enter the gym calmly. Some people like to listen to heavy music on their way to the iron paradise to feel hyped up, but not Lunsford. He believes entering the gym with a clear focus pays dividends. The hype comes later in the workout when hitting heavier sets. According to Perceptual and Motor Skills, listening to music that motivates you can get you in the right mindset to lift heavier (1).

One of the biggest differences this year from last year…is trying to pinpoint each and every muscle in each muscle group.

Lunsford’s leg day begins with a warm-up on an exercise bike to hold a heart rate between 120 to 130 beats per minute (BPM) for seven to eight minutes. The effort is intended to lubricate his joints and get some fresh blood in the muscles for the upcoming workload. Check out the full workout below:


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Derek Lunsford’s Leg Workout

Below are the exercises in the same order performed by Lunsford:

Thigh Adduction Machine and Thigh Abductor Machine

Lunsford’s workout begins with three easy sets on the adductor and abductor machines. While he warms up, he listens to Cyber Cruiser by Swif7 — a club-style techno song.

I always try to get as big of a stretch as possible on my warm up sets.

Improving his range of motion by loosening the adductors and abductors for his upcoming heavier movements helps prevent injury.

Hip Thrusts

Lunsford’s second exercise is a belted hip thrust to target the ham-glute tie-in and build the outer portion of the glutes. Lunsford works his way up to two 45-pound weight plates on each side. Set by set, Lunsford’s music amps him up, improving his mood.

A 2012 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research determined that “increased performance during an explosive exercise and an altered mood state when listening to self-selected music…it might be beneficial for acute power performance.” (2).

Belt Squat Machine

The third movement of Lunsford’s workout is a belted squat machine variation of the squat. The advantage of this variation is it keeps tension on the quads throughout the movement and keeps pressure off the knees and joints. More time under tension leads to greater hypertrophy. Lunsford works his way up to working sets of four 45-pound weight plates on each side.

That’s how you get maximum growth out of these exercises, making it harder than it needs to be, squeeze as hard as you possibly can.

Hamstring Curls and Glute Hamstring Extensions 

Lunsford’s fourth exercise of the workout was alternating standing single-leg hamstring curls. The advantage of this single-leg variation is more efficiently training each hamstring individually to fix any imbalances.

Definitely improving, every day.

Lunsford’s fifth and final movement is glute hamstring extensions to target the upper glute, adding to the illusion of a narrower waist during the back double biceps pose.


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Lunsford’s off-season seems to be successful thus far, especially his leg development. His glutes have been a focus in his leg workouts, and he appears to have a vision for the physique he wants to present at the 2022 Olympia. If he successfully defends his title in Las Vegas, he will be the first 212 bodybuilder to win at least two consecutive Olympias since Flex Lewis.


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Featured image: @dereklunsford_ on Instagram