Eugen Loki: Blending Art and Fitness to Educate (Podcast)

Eugen Loki is personal trainer based in Rome, Italy. More than likely you’ve seen his Instagram page Pheasyque on multiple occasions that has more than 600 thousand followers. On his page, he creates in-depth drawings to explain a variety of training topics that are otherwise difficult to explain through only text.

In today’s episode we chat with Eugen about differences in the fitness industry between the US And Italy, how he creates his drawings and if they’re all original, and so much more.

In this special in-office episode of the BarBend Podcast, David Thomas Tao and Jake Boly talk to Eugen Loki about:

  • 1:30 Differences between personal training in Italy and the United States.
  • 2:12 What does “Pheasyque”, Eugen’s Instagram page actually mean?
  • 3:35 The current state of CrossFit and strength sports in Italy.
  • 4:15 What is gym culture like in Italy in regard to strength sports?
  • 6:30 How is personal training different in Italy and the United States?
  • 7:00 How Eugen got into personal training and his background?
  • 8:45 Personal training and how different approached lead to longevity in the field.
  • 10:40 When Eugen decided that producing digital Instagram content would be important.
  • 12:15 How long it takes Eugen to draw each post and are they ALL original?
  • 14:45 Why it’s great that nothing gets deleted even with changing opinions.
  • 15:40 Blending fun imagery with in-depth lessons. 
  • 16:55 How long it took Eugen to figure out the combination of elements.
  • 19:45 Who Eugen looks to for inspiration in the world of fitness.
  • 22:20 The “controversial” hip thrust vs squat study!
  • 27:00 What to consider from the study and separating personal biases. 
  • 31:05 Examples of Eugen’s posts that have changed over time with his personal growth.
  • 34:00 Approaching and adapting lessons learned over time.
  • 38:00 Dealing with imposter syndrome and how normal it is. 
  • 41:00 Why we can’t please everybody.
  • 43:30 Social media changes and how to integrate personality into brands.
  • 46:00 Will Eugen start sharing more personal content on Pheasyque?

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