What It Costs to Feed Brian Shaw and Hafthor Bjornsson for Three Days

“You see, it ain’t glamorous you know, just a matter of logistics, have to make sure the fridge is big enough for all the food. How do you feed The Mountain, how do you feed the 4x World’s Strongest Man? Gotta start with the refrigerator,” says Stan Efferding as him and Matt Wenning grab a large fridge.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like and what it would cost to feed two of the strongest and biggest men in the world? Strength coaches Matt Wenning and Stan Efferding bring us on a trip with them to Costco as they shop for 4x World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw and Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson.

On their shopping trip, Wenning and Efferding mention they’re buying food and supplies to feed these athletes for three days, as both athletes will be competing over the weekend at the 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic. What else did Wenning and Efferding buy on their professional strongman feeding extravaganza? Check out the video below.

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And we say supplies because food isn’t the only thing required to keep these athletes fed, Wenning and Efferding also have to purchase equipment to cook with and keep the food fresh. Some of these supplies include a full sized fridge, rice cookers, microwave, tons of tupperware, silverware, and much more.

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Now the question remains, if you had to take a guess, how much did all of their supplies cost? If you didn’t watch the video, then consider this your spoiler alert.

Their total came out to $850.00. 

Wenning and Efferding both mention that Costco saved them a lot when it came to buying the supplies, but still, that’s $850.00 to feed TWO human beings for the course of three days. That’s more than a family spending on groceries over the course of multiple months.

Feature image screenshot from Wenning Strength YouTube channel.