Tackling 600Sixty with Fergus Crawley

Today I’m talking to a repeat guest on the BarBend Podcast, Fergus Crawley. Fergus is a multi-discipline endurance and strength athlete known for combining the two into unique physical challenges. His latest was “600Sixty” — a 600-kilogram raw powerlifting total followed by a sub-six-hour 60-kilometer ultramarathon.

We catch up with Fergus to talk about what it takes to train for both elite strength and endurance, including how his protocols have shifted in the past two years to balance the various demands of these unique challenges.

Fergus Crawley BarBend Podcast

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Fergus Crawley about:

  • The 600Sixty challenge and why Fergus picked this particular set of tasks (2:10)
  • Learning from previous challenges (5:30)
  • Insane logistical challenges for performing and recording Fergus’ hybrid challenges (10:20)
  • Running over 500 training miles on the same road (14:10)
  • How Fergus trains for elite strength and endurance, and his typical week of training (18:40)
  • Being his own experiment and Fergus’ own training evolution (24:20)

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