Strongwoman Gabi Dixson Deadlifts 600 Pounds Raw In Training

Another elite strongwoman has entered the 600-pound deadlift club. On July 27, 2022, powerlifter and strongwoman Gabi Dixson posted a video on her Instagram page wherein she deadlifted 272.2 kilograms (600 pounds) raw.

When I woke up today, 600 pounds wasn’t even on my agenda.

Dixon may not have planned to enter an elite club of deadlifters. Still, her training lift ranks her alongside top-tier lifts pulled by Andrea Thompson, Kristin Rhodes, Crystal Tate, Tamara Walcott, Samantha Coleman, and Becca Swanson. Check out Dixon’s raw deadlift in the video below. She wore a lifting belt, lifting straps, and pulled barefoot:


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In Dixon’s caption of her Instagram post, she said that she would have been happy with any deadlift north of 550 pounds as it was her first time training heavy pulls since November 2021 (eight months prior to her 600-pound PR).

This is a seriously dope accomplishment for me & I still can’t believe it felt lighter than my last warmup.

Check out Dixon’s competitive accolades below:  

Gabi Dixon’s Strength Sports Career

According to Open Powerlifting, Dixon made her competitive powerlifting debut at the 2020 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Drug Tested Fall Power Classic, where she won gold in the +90-kilogram weight class via a 575.5-kilogram (1,268.8-pound) total. She has since competed in two other sanctioned powerlifting meets, reaching the top of the podium in both.

Powerlifting Results

  • 2020 USPA Drug Tested Fall Power Classic
    • Squat — 215.5 kilograms (475.1 pounds)
    • Bench Press — 100 kilograms (220.5 kilograms)
    • Deadlift — 260 kilograms (573.2 pounds)
    • Total — 575.5 kilograms (1,268.8 pounds)
  • 2021 USPA Drug Tested National Championships
    • Squat — 235 kilograms (518.1 pounds)
    • Bench Press — 115 kilograms (253.5 pounds)
    • Deadlift — 260 kilograms (573.2 pounds)
    • Total — 610 kilograms (1,344.8 pounds)
  • 2021 International Powerlifting League (IPL) Drug Tested World Championship
    • Squat — 220 kilograms (485 pounds)
    • Bench Press — 117.5 kilograms (259 pounds)
    • Deadlift — 240 kilograms (529.1 pounds)
    • Total — 577.5 kilograms (1,273.2 pounds)

Per Strongman Archives, Dixon has competed in two elite strongwomen contests: The 2021 World’s Strongest Woman contest in Daytona Beach, FL, where she ranked fifth overall, and the 2022 Beerstone competition in Mission, TX, where she ranked as the runner-up.

Featured image: @gabigrl_prostrongwoman on Instagram