Green Vibrance vs. Organifi — Is a “Jack of All Trades” Better?

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Organifi and Green Vibrance are two pretty popular greens powders with two pretty different goals.

Organifi Green Juice, popularized by Drew Canole, has a mammoth Facebook following (currently sitting at well over two million) and while it contains plenty of ingredients that are present in almost every green superfood drink, like wheat grass and spirulina, it has a big focus on the fact that it contains ashwagandha. That’s an herb used in traditional Indian medicine that studies have shown may improve cognitive function and stress response.

Green Vibrance, on the other hand, is more of a catchall green superfood drink that contains far more ingredients, most notably 25 billion probiotic bacteria. You could think of Organifi as a dedicated ashwagandha supplement and Green Vibrance as a jack of all trades.

So, which is the most valuable supplement? I took a closer look.


Organifi Green Juice

While it’s not overtly sweet, it has a pleasant, mint green tea flavor that I found very enjoyable.

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Green Vibrance

It’s not great. While not as overwhelmingly earthy as some of its competitors, it has a grassy taste and a slightly peppery aftertaste, probably because of the cayenne pepper it contains.

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Winner: Organifi Green Juice

Green Vibrance vs. Organifi Comparison
Green Vibrance vs. Organifi Comparison


Organifi Green Juice

You can pick up a 9.5-ounce tub of thirty servings for sixty dollars, so it comes out to two dollars per serving. It’s only available in one size.

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Green Vibrance

If you get a small tub of fifteen servings it costs thirty dollars, winding up at the same price as Organifi: two dollars a serving. But if you get a tub of sixty servings, it drops the cost to $1.08 per scoop.

Winner: Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance Supplement


Organifi Green Juice

Both of these products contain wheat grass and the algae spirulina and chlorella, all of which are mainstays in practically every green superfood on the market.

Organifi keeps things relatively simple with about ten main ingredients. There’s an “Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend” of wheat grass, wheat grass juice powder, horseradish tree leaf, spirulina, chlorella, and matcha green tea.

Then there’s a “Super Food Proprietary Blend” of coconut water, ashwagandha, red beet, and turmeric. There are a few extra ingredients like mint and lemon that are there for flavoring, but those two blends comprise the bulk.

All the ingredients are organic. However, because they’re proprietary blends, you can’t know how much of each ingredient you’re getting in a scoop. That said, you do know that the Alkaline Greens blend is 5.1 grams and the Super Food blend is 1.45 grams and the ingredients are listed in order of how much they contain of each, so you can have a very rough idea.

Organifi Green Juice

Green Vibrance

First of all, this product seems more transparent than Organifi as far as the nutrition label, listing the precise weight of each and every ingredient you’ll get in a serving.

And there are dozens and dozens of them, including fruits, roots, herbs, and vegetables in addition to the aforementioned greens and algae. Each falls into one of ten blends: Cereal Grasses, Plant-Based Micronutrition, Antioxidant Life Preservers, Immune Support, Adaptogens, Skeletal Support, Fiber, Liver Support, Enzymes & Tonics, and Probiotics.

There are more ingredients with a wider array of benefits and, importantly, more transparency in Green Vibrance.

Winner: Green Vibrance


Organifi Green Juice

If you want to know the vitamins and minerals Organifi contains, you’ll only know that it has small amounts of calcium and sodium and 11 percent of your daily iron. Those are all the minerals, and there are zero vitamins that you’re told about.

So what does it do? Organifi Green Juice leans heavily on the facts that it has ashwagandha and that it contains ingredients with lots of antioxidants.

On the tub, it claims it can boost brain power, support the flushing out of toxins, and support immune function.

It’s true that with over 5 grams of nutrient-dense greens, it delivers a solid hit of antioxidants, which are linked to immune function. It also contains red beet, which is linked to improved liver function by way of thinning bile so it can move more freely through the liver. The minimum dose of red beet is roughly 400mg, and as the third of four ingredients in a 1.45-gram blend… maybe it hits that amount, but probably not.

Then there’s the ashwagandha, the second ingredient in that blend. An effective dose of ashwagandha is about 400mg, so there’s a pretty good chance that Organifi hits that mark. It’s linked to cognitive performance and lower levels of anxiety, and I’m reasonably certain that Organifi provides an effective dose.

So, a cognitive boost with antioxidants and liver support.

Green Vibrance and Organifi Green Supplements

Green Vibrance

Transparency is the name of the game with Green Vibrance.

To start, is has a nice, in-depth nutrition label that shows it provides a significant amount of Vitamins A, C, B12, D, iron, and selenium. Remember, Organifi has zero information about any of these micronutrients except for iron.

It also appears to have roughly as much wheat grass, spirulina, and chlorella as Organifi, plus a variety of other cool ingredients like astragalus, which has a lot of heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits.

While Green Vibrance does contain its own adaptogens to help cognitive performance, like eleuthero root and holy basil, they’re not present in high enough quantities for me to say it’s more effective than Organifi in this respect.

However it does contain a lot of ingredients linked to heart health, liver health, and most importantly, digestive health. It provides 25 billion probiotic bacteria, more than almost any other greens powder I’ve seen, and there’s a lot of evidence that this can not only improve digestive health, but also immunity and possibly even mental health.

Which of the two greens drinks is more effective depends on what you’re after, then. For stress reduction, I’m more confident with Organifi Green Juice. But as for what will have the best effect on your overall health? The answer is definitely Green Vibrance.

Winner: Green Vibrance

Overall Winner: Green Vibrance

Why are you looking for a greens powder? If you want something that’s full of ingredients linked to better digestive, liver, heart, and immune health, Green Vibrance is your pick. (And it’s cheaper, too.)

I’d say you may want to go with Organifi if you’re really looking for an ashwagandha supplement or something that is targeted toward stress response.