How to Watch Hollands vs. Shivlyakov Masters Deadlift World Record Attempt

Both of these legendary strongmen will try to set a new world record on Saturday June 27th.

This Saturday, June 27th, 2-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) bronze medalist Terry Hollands will battle it out against 2018 Arnold Strongman South Africa champion Mikhail Shivlyakov in a Masters deadlift world record challenge. The Masters division includes athletes aged 40 and up.

As the main event of episode eight in the “Feats of Strength” series by World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS), Hollands and Shivlyakov will each start with the current Masters world record deadlift of 430kg/948lb. Assuming they both successfully match that weight, they will then progress to heavier loads until one of them is unable to successfully perform the lift and concedes the world record to the other.

It will be live streamed via at 12pm EST/ 5pm UK.


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This will be the third time that the deadlift has been the featured discipline in the “Feats of Strength” series. The first was Hafthor Bjornnson‘s successful heaviest of all-time deadlift of 501kg/1,104lb in the premiere episode. The second was in the most recent episode that was also a head-to-head deadlift challenge between Jerry Pritchett and Rauno Heinla where each man pulled 400kg/882lb for reps — Heinla won by a score of 5-4.

The 40-year-old Shivlyakov has a good shot at breaking the record based on previous performance. At the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic (ASC), he pulled a humongous 426kg/940lb on an injured ankle to take third in the Elephant Bar Deadlift event. If you missed that epic (and bloody) lift, check it out below from Mattis Bjorheim’s YouTube channel:

Hollands also has a history of pulling extremely heavy deadlifts well over the current Masters world record. Check out this video below from Ryan Alexander’s YouTube channel that highlights Hollands pulling 465kg/1,025lb at FitExpo LA 2011. Note: Hollands lift begins at 1:18.

Granted, that lift was done nine years ago. So the question is how much of that strength does Hollands have now at age 41. Hollands seems confident writing on his Instagram post hyping the event:

“Me vs Mikhail Shivlyakov going head to head to break the masters deadlift WR. Current record is 430kg and I’m sure we’ll both go beyond that.”

We’ll have to tune in this Saturday to see if Hollands prediction comes true.

Feature image from Terry Hollands’ Instagram page: @terryhollandswsm