Here’s How Terrence Ruffin’s Classic Physique Client, Joshua Langbein, Preps 24 Hours Before a Pro Show

The two-time Arnold Classic Physique champion shows us how he prepares his bodybuilding clients a day before showtime.

Classic Physique competitor Terrence Ruffin is widely regarded as one of the most flawless posers in the sport of bodybuilding. His ability to transition from pose to pose like an artist flowing from stroke to stroke on a canvas is reminiscent of greats like Bob Paris and Sergio Oliva.

Ruffin also imparts that wisdom to other competitors as a bodybuilding coach. In a YouTube video published on Aug. 24, 2022, he shared how his client, Joshua Langbein, prepped 24 hours before his pro debut at the 2022 Tampa Pro in early August. Check it out below:

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Killing Time While Fasting

The video opened with Ruffin checking in with Langbein at 8:18 a.m. one day before the show. While Langbein felt good, there was one snag: he weighed in at 186 pounds that morning and needed to weigh 185 pounds or below to meet his weight class requirements. That meant he needed to fast before the official weigh-ins.

After Langbein posed for a photo shoot with Enduring Athletics, the video focused on Adely Annorat and Courage Opara, the main competition in the Classic Physique category at the 2022 Tampa Pro. Opara shared an anecdote about how he once had to drop 15 pounds in 17 hours to make weight for a show. It’s not clear which show, but like Langbein, fasting was the only option. 

The good news for Langbein is that he only had to drop one pound. At the official weigh-in later that day, he came in at 184.7 pounds, just an eyelash under the limit.

First Meal

A starving, nutrient-deprived Langbein could finally eat. For his first post-weigh-in meal before the contest, he ate 120 grams of cream of rice and half a scoop of protein powder. When asked if that was the best cream of rice he’d ever had, an exhausted Langbein replies: “Oh, yeah.”


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After getting a coat of tanner, Langbein said he felt good and ready, though anxious to get on the stage and see what he can do stacked up against the other competitors.

Final Meal of the Day (11 Hours From the Show)

With fasting in the rearview and showtime on the horizon, Langbein had one final meal consisting of grilled steak, broccoli, and french fries. The fries were a simple starch to aid carb-loading with the intent of bringing out his vascularity via its salt content.

French fries 11 hours out from a show may sound a little strange, but when asked about the potential for a client to “spill over” (i.em become bloated) before a show, Ruffin gave a straightforward response:

We watch what he eats. You look at him before and after posing and make sure he is not eating too much. If he is starting to eat too much, cut back on the food.

Ruffin doesn’t believe a single meal can ruin the day; just keep an eye on how things progress with what is eaten and the number refeeds used. Langbein ate so few carbs per meal — about 12 grams with his cream of rice meals — that he could stand to eat more.

Protein doesn’t really matter the day before a show — you’re not going to be losing or putting on any muscle.

Langbein’s next meal on the morning of the show was a small bowl of white rice with about three ounces of lightly seasoned chicken.


The show itself began with Langbein striking some classic poses reminiscent of Mike Mentzer, a disciple of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Transitioning in and out of group posing and singular posing, Langbein was a contender.


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In the end, Langbein finished 13th with a score of 63, while Opara won. This was a great learning experience for Langbein and Ruffin for what they need to improve for Langbein’s next prep.

I felt so good doing the individual posing routine up there. I was just comfortable, and everything flowed well.

Afterward, Ruffin and Langbein ate some sushi.

Post-Show Thoughts

The day after the show, Langbein reflected on his prep with Ruffin.

“I am glad that I did this show,” Langbein said. “Terrence was able to watch me closely — we were able to practice posing and make adjustments to the diet. 

That said, Langbein wasn’t entirely happy with his placing. He and Ruffin were already thinking about the adjustments that need to be made going forward. While Langbein initially intended to compete at the Savannah Pro in September, he and Ruffin agreed to hold off to take the necessary time in the off-season to grow.

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