IOC Officially Sanctions 9 Weightlifters from Beijing Olympics, Asks for Return of Medals

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has formally announced sanctions for nine (9) weightlifters from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, including medal winners.

These are not the only weightlifters with doping cases still outstanding from the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games; in fact, it represents less than half the total number of athletes sanctioned following recent retests from that Games.

The athletes named in the IOC announcement are:

Khadzhimurat Akkaev, Russia, Men’s 94kg (Bronze)

Natalya Davyodova, Ukraine, Women’s 69kg (Bronze)

Mariya Grabovetskaya, Kazakhstan, Women’s +75kg (Bronze)

Iryna Kulesha, Belarus, Women’s 75kg

Dmitry Lapikov, Russia, Men’s 105kg (Bronze)

Maya Maneza, Kazakhstan, Women’s 63kg

Irina Nekrassova, Kazakhstan, Women’s 63kg (Silver)

Nizami Pashayev, Azerbaijan, Men’s 94kg

Vladimir Sedov, Kazakhstan, Men’s 85kg

A sample of the decision is excerpted below concerning the case of Dmitry Lapikov, who originally won bronze as an 105kg lifter at the 2008 Olympics.

The IOC Disciplinary Commission, composed for this case of Denis Oswald (Chairman), Gunilla Lindberg and Ugur Erdener, decided the following:

The Athlete, Dmitry LAPIKOV:

is found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation pursuant to the IOC Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing in 2008 (presence and/or use of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers in an athlete’s bodily specimen),

is disqualified from the men’s 105kg weightlifting event in which he participated upon the occasion of the Olympic Games Beijing 2008,

has the medal, the medallist pin and the diploma obtained in the men’s 105kg weightlifting event withdrawn and is ordered to return the same.

The IWF is requested to modify the results of the above-mentioned event accordingly and to consider any further action within its own competence.

The Russian Olympic Committee shall ensure full implementation of this decision.

The Russian Olympic Committee shall notably secure the return to the IOC, as soon as possible, of the medal, the medallist pin and the diploma awarded in connection with the men’s 105kg weightlifting event to the Athlete.

This decision enters into force immediately.

The IOC has requested the return of medals, pins, and diplomas from the sanctioned athletes. Their results are officially disqualified from the Olympic records.

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