Clean Sweep — Strongman JF Caron Wins 2022 Força Bruta

Caron won all three events in Cotia, Brazil.

Nine-time Canada’s Strongest Man champion JF Caron has done it. He headed to Cotia, Brazil, to compete against three other elite strongmen in the 2022 Força Bruta competition, and emerged victorious in all three events to stand atop the podium. It is Caron’s first time winning this contest in his strongman career, claiming the vacated title from the two-time champion Mikhail Shivlyakov of Russia. Here are the full results:

2022 Força Bruta Results

  1. JF Caron (Canada)12 points
  2. Rauno Heinla (Estonia) — 7.5 points
  3. Rob Kearney (USA) — 7.5 points
  4. Dmitrii Skosyrskii (Russia) —three points

Caron scored six reps in the deadlift event, all 10 kegs in the keg toss, and finished the truck pull in 47 seconds.


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2022 Força Bruta Events Recap

The 2022 Força Bruta competition featured three events: a deadlift for reps in 90 seconds, a 10-implement keg toss (ranging from 18 to 26 kilograms), and an 8,000-kilogram (17,637-pound) truck pull for 15 meters.

Deadlift for Reps

Caron is notorious for being one of the best deadlifters in the sport. He won the max deadlift event at the 2021 Rogue Invitational and set a Hummer Tire deadlift world record of 1,202 pounds at the 2020 Shaw Classic.

This deadlift for reps event was no different as Caron managed six reps — two more than Heinla and Kearney. Skosyrskii finished in fourth, locking out three reps.

Keg Toss

The keg toss included 10 kegs, and each athlete attempted to toss them over a five-meter bar as fast as possible within 90 seconds. Caron earned his second win of the day as the only athlete to score all 10 kegs. He did so in 80 seconds flat.

Kearney scored a second-place finish hitting five kegs in 29 seconds. Heinla and Skosyrskii matched that number of kegs, but it took 52 seconds and 69 seconds, respectively.

Truck Pull

The 12,000-kilogram truck pull was the final event of the competition. Two of the four athletes traversed the truck across the line 15 meters away from the starting point. Caron closed the gap in 47 seconds to sweep all three events and lock up a contest victory.

Heinla was the only other athlete in the field to cross the finish line. He did so in a time of 68 seconds. Both Kearney and Skosyrskii could not finish the event, but Kearney earned third-place points.

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