Bodybuilding Over 50 (with Kevin Malone)

Bodybuilder Kevin Malone joins us to talk about finding competition later in life and how his bodybuilding career took off around his mid-40s. We talk about Kevin’s focus on compound movements and heavy weights for hypertrophy, and how consistency is ultimately key to success in aesthetic sports. Kevin is proof that a long-term outlook paired with a competition-centric mindset may promote the best results!

Kevin Malone BarBend Podcast

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Kevin Malone about:

  • Kevin’s first gym membership in 1992 — and he’s been training faithfully ever since (3:00)
  • “I knew that I had to be consistent at training”(6:00)
  • Accidentally dropping a weight category (8:30)
  • Kevin’s long-term bodybuilding goal (12:10)
  • Kevin’s very heavy compound movement routine, especially 700+ pound deadlifts (14:30)
  • Will Kevin every compete in powerlifting, especially when he hits his 60s? (18:00)
  • Kevin’s consistency and habit mindset (20:00)

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