Larry Wheels Reveals a Physique Update One Month After Getting Off Steroids and On TRT

The powerlifter/bodybuilder/influencer recently got off steroids, and his physique has already changed dramatically.

Powerlifter Larry Wheels recently took to his YouTube channel to discuss his decision to stop using anabolic steroids. Wheels said he’s been on “all kinds of performance-enhancing drugs” (PEDs) for the past decade, but he decided to take an indefinite break from the PEDs to challenge himself and see what he can lift without them.

But since he says his body can no longer produce testosterone naturally, Wheels revealed that he is now on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT is a medical treatment for people who produce irregular amounts of testosterone, and he intends to go on 175 milligrams per week, which he says is “on the higher side of being a natural, healthy male in his prime.”

He recently posted a physique update after a month of TRT, and it’s easy to see that he already looks leaner:


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Wheels didn’t share what he weighs now, but compared to posts from earlier in the year, he’s far more trim, with more noticeable veins and striations and less bulk. One of the biggest differences is in his face, which looks a good deal thinner than photos from just a few weeks ago.

In an Instagram post from August 16, 2022, Wheels wrote about going from 300 pounds down to 240. That was before his steroid and TRT announcements, so it’s possible he’s even lighter now.​​


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A Leaner, Meaner Larry

Wheels mentioned recently that he is pumping the brakes on his journey to deadlift 1,000 pounds — which is in part due to his decision to stop taking steroids. A recent back injury played a part in it, too. In the meantime, he recently posted a video of himself and bodybuilder Andrew Jacked working out shoulders and biceps in Dubai.

In the video, Wheels mentions that his skin has cleared up now that he’s off a steroid cycle and that he’s expecting to start dropping more water weight soon after. He also says that his strength in the gym hasn’t been impacted yet, but he’s expecting that to come in the next few weeks.

With Wheels being such an open book on social media, expect more updates on his post-steroid life in the months to come. 

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