Luke Richardson Wins 2020 Europe’s Strongest Man

The 23 year old makes history as a result.

With 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall in attendance, the first major strongman competition since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic took place. That contest was the 2020 Europe’s Strongest Man contest, and the list of past champions of this contest read like a Who’s Who of the sport.

The most recent champion was Hafthor Bjornsson, but he announced his retirement after winning his 10th Icelandic title. Another competitor who was unable to be involved was Tom Stoltman, who was recovering from an injury. While the field didn’t have the group of athletes that it was originally supposed to, nor did it have a live audience to watch, it did still include a group of top athletes with one leaving as a history-making champion.

Winner — Luke Richardson

Luke Richardson wins his first ESM title and at 23 years old, is the youngest winner in the history of the contest. The young man who goes by the nickname “The Future” made a statement that his time is now. He came to strongman as a transplant from the world of powerlifting, where he also made his mark. His biggest victory in that sport is as the 2018 Junior World Men’s Classic Champion in the 120 kg (264 pound) class.

2nd Place – Adam Bishop

The 2020 Britain’s Strongest Man actually beat Richardson at that contest. As for this event, he gave it a good effort but has to settle for the silver position. This is still the highest placing he had scored at this contest, so he can certainly be proud of that.

3rd Place – Ervin Toots

Toots is here as a result of being named Best Newcomer of the Strongman Champions League (SCL). The 2020 Lituania’s Strongest Man Champion showed that he deserved to be here by placing on the podium. Now he takes that momentum to the World’s Strongest Man where he hopes to place his own stamp as a mainstay in the sport.

Other Highlights

Graham Hicks set a new British record on the Log Press with 220 kg (485 pounds). He attempted to break the all-time world record currently held by Zadrunas Savickas, but was unable to complete the 230 kg (507 pound) attempt.

In case you missed it, Mark Felix, at 54 years old, broke his own record in the Hercules Hold. 2019 Masters World’s Strongest Man Terry Hollands actually finished second in this event, with a hold of 1 minute, 19.88 seconds.

Featured Image: Instagram/giantslivewsm