Hard Work Pays Off (w/ Mat Fraser)

Here’s one from the archives with a guest who needs almost no introduction. Mat Fraser is a 5-time CrossFit Games Champion. He has a lengthy background in strength sports as a youth weightlifter, all the way through to the fittest man in history. I’ve known Mat for years, before he was a CrossFit Games Champion, and it’s awesome to finally get him on this podcast. We talk about everything from nutrition to his eating habits as a weightlifter and goals in the sport, transitioning to CrossFit, training without knowing what was really going on in functional fitness, all the way through today. These days, he runs HWPO (Hard Work Pays Off), a training and coaching empire. 

Mat Fraser on the BarBend Podcast

On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to Mat Fraser about:

  • Mat and David’s long history dating back to 2013, when Mat was an unknown CrossFitter (2:00)
  • The growth of weightlifting since Mat’s weightlifting career (5:00)
  • Thinking back to Mat’s days as a dedicated weightlifter (6:00)
  • Mat’s current day-to-day routine (9:30)
  • HPWO and building a training empire (11:08)
  • When light dumbbells are the worst things imaginable (15:30)
  • Swim training with Ryan Lochte (19:00)
  • Training with strongman Rob Kearney (23:00)

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