Iranian Weightlifter Mohsen Bahramzadeh Hits A 197kg Snatch In Training

Mohsen Bahramzadeh is on his way to breaking a world record!

Iranian weightlifter Mohsen Bahramzadeh showed off an impressive 197kg snatch in training, which as it stands, unofficially tops the current world record snatch standard of 196 kg.

However, Bahramzadeh didn’t even stop with the snatch. In his training he also displayed a seriously elite clean & jerk of 237kg, and more on that below.

Before the International Weightlifting Federation introduced new weight classes, Bahramzadeh competed in the 105kg weight class, and in 2013 won a bronze medal at the Asian Weightlifting Championships. Bahramzadeh, who will now compete in the -109kg class, is another Iranian weightlifter working to make a stronger name for himself in the IWF, and if he stays on course and keeps hitting these massive numbers in training he could very well be the first to break the current 196kg snatch world record.

Many athletes have been close to breaking the world record snatch of 196kg, but so far on the official platform no one has prevailed. Accordingly to and as pointed out by Weightlifting House on Instagram, China’s Yang Zhe and Armenia’s Simon Martirosyan are two weightlifters who have been tirelessly attempting to hit that mark, but no luck so far. If it’s not Zhe or Martirosyan who hit 196kg first, Bahramzadeh is showing promising signs that he could do it.

Bahramzadeh previously shared himself hitting a 237 kg clean & jerk. This is a huge lift too, especially since the current world record is only 240kg and held by Armenian weightlifter Simon Martirosyan. Martirosyan set the world record in the clean & jerk in the 109kg weight class at the 2018 IWF World Championships.

Martirosyan, before hitting the 240kg clean & jerk managed to pull off one of the heaviest hang cleans and jerks ever. In 2018, then competing in the -105kg weight class, he posted a video of himself crushing a massive 230kg, or 507lb hang clean & jerk.

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Bahramzadeh’s most recent lifts show that he is very well on his way to either breaking one, if not two world records.

Feature image from @bahramzadeh_mohsen Instagram page.