Nabil Lahlou (67.5KG) Deadlifts New All-Time Raw World Record of 322.5 kilograms (711 pounds)

Lahlou has set the all-time raw deadlift world record twice in a month's time.

French powerlifter Nabil Lahlou has done it again. On Nov. 5, 2022, the 67.5-kilogram athlete scored a new all-time raw deadlift world record of 322.5 kilograms (711 pounds) at the 2022 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Freaks Come Out at Night contest.

According to Open Powerlifting, Lahlou’s new raw world record eclipsed the previous 318 kilograms (701.1 pounds) that he scored less than a month ago at the 2022 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Drug Tested The Good Guys UN Invitational on Oct. 8, 2022. That means Lahlou has set the raw deadlift world record twice in less than a month. Check out his 322.5-kilogram (711-pound) pull below, courtesy of his Instagram page:

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Lahlou’s lift was 4.8 times his body weight and 10 pounds more than his previous world record. Below are the stats of his performance at the 2022 WRPF Freaks Come Out at Night meet, where he went six for seven in attempts. He opted not to make a third attempt on the squat or bench press:

2022 WRPF Freaks Come Out at Night | 67.5KG | Nabil Lahlou

  • Squat
    • 215 kilograms (474 pounds)
    • 232.5 kilograms (512.6 pounds)
  • Bench Press
    • 122.5 kilograms (270.1 pounds)
    • 132.5 kilograms (292.1 pounds)
  • Deadlift
    • 287.5 kilograms (633.8 pounds)
    • 322.5 kilograms (711 pounds) — New Raw World Record
    • 330 kilograms (727.5 pounds)
  • Total — 687.5 kilograms (1,515.7 pounds)

In addition to his new raw deadlift world record, Lahlou’s top squat and bench press attempts were each six-pound personal records. That means he PR’d all three lifts at this meet. Check out all three of Lahlou’s lifts in the video below:

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Judging by the videos of Lahlou’s lifts, he successfully locked out his PRs amidst the ambiance of a running smoke machine and flashing colored lights making the contest appear reminiscent of a disco rave. For the squat, Lahlou wore knee sleeves and a lifting belt. He wore only the lifting belt for the deadlift and pulled in a sumo stance with an overhand grip.

In less than a month, Lahlou tacked on an additional 10 pounds to his world record, and it did not appear to be too challenging a lift for him. Although he missed his third attempt at 330 kilograms (727.5 pounds), it may not be too far off, given that he has successfully pulled 800 pounds with lifting straps in training. Lahlou is undoubtedly capable of furthering his world record again. The question is just when and where he will strike next.

Featured image: @kinng_67 on Instagram