NFL Player Michael Pierce Squats 725 lbs Unbelted

No matter what role you have in the strength community – impressive feats of strength should always be awarded with respect and pats on the back. Michael Pierce, defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, definitely got our respect after the National Football League (NFL) shared a video of him squatting 725 lbs.

While the squat may not be up to powerlifting meet standards, or to the depth some would prefer, it’s still an impressive lift. In addition, Pierce performed the squat unbelted, which adds to its impressiveness. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, Pierce isn’t a powerlifter, and this squat should be treated as a celebration of strength.

Michael Pierce is 24 years old and signed with the Ravens this past May as a restricted free agent. So far Pierce has played in all nine games of the Raven’s 2016/2017 NFL season. In his breakout year he’s acquired a total of 19 tackles and two sacks.

Before the pros, Pierce played two seasons at Tulane, in Louisiana, before transferring to Samford to complete his college career. In college, it appears Pierce was just as strong, below is a video posted on his YouTube page a year ago of a 655 lb beltless squat.

In addition to being strong in the gym, Pierce was a dynamic force on the field in college and was named first-team All-Southern-Conference his senior year. Throughout his college career he accumulated 145 tackles and 24 tackles for loss (TFL).  

On top of squatting heavy weight, Pierce has impressive upper body strength too. At Samford Pro Day this past March he recorded 28 reps on the 225 lb bench press.

This is another great example of strength and sport coming together and making a full circle. And we’re not saying that Pierce’s success on the field only stems from being strong in the gym…but it definitely doesn’t hurt!

Editors note: This article has been updated regarding Pierce’s college career.