Powerlifter Oleksandr Kutcher (75KG) Deadlifts 331-Kilogram Double, Equipped

The Ukrainian world record holder is moving titanic weight in the gym.

When it comes to moving all-time world record weight, Oleksandr Kutcher of Ukraine knows a thing or two. According to Open Powerlifting, the 40-year-old Kutcher has been in the competitive powerlifting scene since 1997. Judging by the recent training video he shared on his Instagram page, he has only gotten stronger with age. 

His powerlifting career, which has spanned over two decades, is arguably more decorated in the sport. Before we dive into his competitive accolades, take a look at his recent 331-kilogram (730-pound) deadlift double performed barefoot in a lifting suit and straps without knee sleeves:


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Kutcher did not disclose his bodyweight at the time of this lift. He bounces back and forth between the 75-kilogram and 82.5-kilogram weight classes but has competed in the former for the majority of the last 15 years, including his last three major appearances. Assuming he weighed approximately 75 kilograms in that video, his deadlift double is 4.4 times his bodyweight.

World Class Resume

Since his competitive debut at age 17 at the 1997 Ukraine Powerlifting Federation (UkrainePF) Ukrainian Sub-Junior Powerlifting Championships, where he placed second, Kutcher has competed in 40 sanctioned events in five different weight classes (60, 67.5, 75, 82.5, and 90 kilograms). Since age 21, he has remained primarily in the 75- and 82.5-kilogram classes with a single appearance in the 90-kilogram class in the 2006 World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) BMS Cup, which he won. He is the 2018 Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) World Champion and the 2019 World Powerlifting Union of Federations (WPUF) World Champion.

Of his 40 competitive appearances, Kutcher has taken home gold 25 times and landed on the podium 37 times. That means that over his 24-year-long powerlifting career, he has only failed to medal 0.075 percent of the time. Based on his resume alone, Kutcher has a 62.5 percent chance to win any event he enters. By the same standard, his odds of finishing on the podium of any given event are 92.5 percent.

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Current World Records

Kutcher did not achieve such an impressive resume without racking up a decent number of world records. Here are the ones he currently holds:



  • Squat — 380 kilograms (837.8 pounds) — 2005 WPC WPO Semifinals
  • Total — 985 kilograms (2,171.6 pounds) — 2006 WPC WPO Finals


  • Deadlift — 355 kilograms (782.6 pounds) — 2005 WPC WPO European Semi-Finals
  • Total — 983 kilograms (2,167.1 pounds) —2005 WPC WPO European Semi-Finals

Additionally, he holds the second heaviest deadlift ever at 82.5 kilograms (multi-ply) with a 345-kilogram (760.6-pound) pull at the 2006 WPC BMS Cup and the second heaviest deadlift ever at 75 kilograms (single-ply) with a 360-kilogram (793.7-pound) pull at the 2006 WPC WPO Finals.


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Looking Ahead

Kutcher’s last appearance on the competitive platform was at the 2019 WPUF World Championships, which he won. When he competes next is up in the air, but when he is staring at the barbell and the judge yells “lift,” expect some big weight to move.

Featured image from Oleksandr Kutcher’s Instagram page: @alex_kutcher_