Petr Petras Breaks All-Time World Raw Powerlifting Total Record

The Czech athlete has set a new standard.

Super-heavyweight powerlifter Petr Petras of Czechia made history in his sport on December 5, 2020. That is because he competed at a meet in Odessa, Ukraine, and by the conclusion of that meet, he took ownership of the all-time world record in the raw total with knee wraps as a superheavyweight. The new mark is now 1,160 kg (2,557 pounds). This new record beats the previous mark that was set by Daniel Bell, who lifted a total of 1,142 kg (2,518 pounds) in 2019.

In powerlifting, competing “raw” means that the competitor lifts without the use of a squat suit or a bench press shirt, like lifters would in “equipped” meets. At a height of 6 feet, 1 inches, Petras competed in this meet in the 140 kg plus class at a bodyweight of around 170 kg (375 pounds).


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This was Petras’ first competition since 2018, when he won Big Dogs 3 in Australia. His day started with the squat, where he opened with a good lift of 425 kg (937 pounds). His second attempt of 460 kg (1,015 pounds) went smoothly, but was red lighted by the judges. On his third attempt, he successfully lift 470 kg (1,036.6 pounds).

He followed that up with the bench press. His first two lifts of 270 kg (595 pounds) and 280 kg (617 pounds) were both white lighted. His top lift on that movement was 290 kg (639.4 pounds), which was not only a good lift, but appeared easy for him.

Finally, he wrapped his day up by deadlifting 400 kg exactly (881 pounds). It’s unclear which of the three attempts Petras completed this lift on. Highlights of his biggest lifts of the day can be seen in the Instagram post below.


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It appears that powerlifting in 2021 could be highlighted by seeing who will be the first competitor to break the elusive 2,600 pound mark in this category. There is no word on when Petras will compete again. Bell is currently in training for Hybrid Showdown 3 in Miami, Florida on February 20 and 21, 2021. He has told BarBend that depending on how his prep goes, he sees himself attempting to take the record back for himself.

“I always roll the dice, but the next 6-8 weeks will definitely tell the truth. In my mind right now I don’t see a point of going through the process without trying.

Bell still holds the world record for raw total in sleeves with a total of 1,127.5 kg (2,485 pounds).

Featured Image: Instagram/petras.petr