178lb Phillip Brewer Bench Presses 490lbs Raw (2.75x His Bodyweight)

Every strength athlete typically has one lift they’re naturally good at or prefer, and in Phillip Brewer’s case that would be the bench press. Phillip Brewer, or @unrealphil as he’s known on Instagram, is what we could consider a bench press phenomenon. He currently holds multiple raw bench press records in the RPS, SPF, and RUM powerlifting organizations.

Four days ago, Brewer shared an Instagram video that features a raw 490 lb press at a weight of 178 lbs. That bench is nearly three times his bodyweight, which is a strength feat few athletes can successfully complete in their lifting careers. This bench was performed at the APA The Natural State Championships, which were held March 11th.

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He did get stuck for a millisecond at a sticking point a little before lockout, but powered through without a hesitation. Besides that brief pause, Brewer’s lift moved incredibly smooth, especially off the chest. The speed makes you wonder, does he have another 5-10 lbs in the tank?

Brewer’s epic bench press videos, often at bodyweights of 165 and 181 lbs (his competition weights) usually result in other lifters tagging their training buddies saying, “Get your bench game up.”

In addition to the above recent video, Brewer also lifted in the ANIMAL cage at this year’s Arnold Classic. In the cage, he hit some seriously heavy singles including a 480 and 505 lb bench. Yes, the benches were touch-and-go, but 505 lbs at Brewer’s bodyweight is insane. At no point did Brewer’s speed slow down, which is possibly the most impressive part.

Brewer also benched 405 lbs for 10-reps in the cagepossibly as a warm-up? Lately, it seems like we’re seeing more and more bench presses that leave us in awe scratching our heads. From Jeremy Hoornstra’s recent 675 lb press to Kirill Sarychev’s 529 lb press for ten, it’s been an epic couple weeks for the bench.

Not every strength athlete utilizes the bench in their training, but that’s not to say strong presses shouldn’t be recognized. These guys are lifting nearly 3+x their bodyweight and make it look easy.

Feature image from @unrealphil Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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