Powerlifter Chakera Holcomb Squats an Epic 227kg Raw Triple

Powerlifter Chakera Holcomb is often described as one of (if not) the strongest female in the sport of powerlifting right now, and for good reason. In 2018 alone, she’s made a more than compelling case for her top spot and continues to do so as she moves big weight in training, as evident from her latest training video.

In her latest video, Holcomb crushes a heavy squat triple of 227kg (500 lbs), and not once, but hits the weight for two strong sets.

Holcomb writes in her Instagram video’s description, “Rocking my new SBD single.  from @andersonpowerlifting!! 500X3X2sets.. slowly getting back in the groove of meet prep!!! I’m so happy to a great team helping and supporting me! I love my HMF family🤘🏾! Shout out my massage therapist @massagebytabarus for fixing my IT bands issues; Looking forward to working with you!”


Besides the speed and depth of this set, what’s awesome is how Holcomb shook her head “no” when the spotter when to grab the bar and continued to crush the reps.

By now, there’s a slim chance you haven’t heard of Holcomb’s name in the sport of powerlifting, but if you haven’t, then we’ll catch you up to speed really fast. In May, Holcomb competed at the Kern US Open in the 82kg (181 lb) weight class, and broke three all-time world records, set the all-time highest Wilks for women in knee wraps, and walked away with $40,000 USD.

Then, fast forward to about a month later and Holcomb competed at the USPA Gulf Coast Open. At this meet, Holcomb broke three more all-time world records, and set the all-time highest Wilks score for women in knee sleeves.


This year has been more than good to Holcomb and we’re pumped to see what else it has in store for her as she pushes big weight. Holcomb owns every women’s 82kg (181 lb) all-time world record except for the bench press, could she potentially claim that record too before 2018 is over?

Feature image from @c.c_holcomb Instagram page.