Powerlifter Dan Green Deadlifts 330kg Beltless for Easy Set of 7

Boss Barbell Club owner and powerlifter Dan Green is back moving big weight while making it look easy. Over the last month, Green has been a ton of strong videos highlighting his squat and deadlift progress. In his latest video, Green highlights a big beltless deadlift set of seven with 330kg/727 lbs on the bar.

In Green’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “727 x 7 (330 kg) Sumo Deads at THE Boss Barbell Club Third lower body session this week. Training frequency is feeling great!”

Yes, Green has moved much heavier in his lifting career, but it’s awesome seeing that he’s ramping back up the training frequency for his pulls and squats, as he’s run into a few injuries over the last two years.

Back in January 2017, Green underwent surgery to repair a partially torn right quad tendon, which took him out of the squat game for a couple months. After that surgery, he was progressing at a steady rate and was set to compete in a March Madness powerlifting meet in 2018, but then ran into another problem after tearing his bicep tendon. This injury required surgery as well, and since then, Green has been rehabbing, lifting, and proving that he’s far from out of the game.

Check out this insane beltless squat video Green shared a week ago highlighting two sets of 12 with 270kg/595 lbs on the bar.

In the squat video’s description above, Green comments that his legs are feeling, which is awesome to hear that he’s had no issues coming back from the quad surgery over the last year.

After being in the Animal Cage and watching Green deadlift 408kg/900 lbs beltless earlier this year at the Arnold Sports Festival, we’ve been long awaiting his return to the platform. With his latest progress videos, we’re more excited that ever for the time Green takes the platform once again.

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Feature image from @dangreenpowerlifter Instagram page.